Smart Operations

Streamline Your Operations and Increase Resilience with Transparent Data and Modern AI Solutions

Deliver the right output, at the right time, with the right cost and optimize your factory operations, logistics, projects, and supply chain with scenario modeling and applications customized to fill any business need. Learn how.

Improve employee and customer satisfaction and save cost with preventive quality control, maintenance, and industrial safety. Learn how.

Use AI, data, and analytics to always stay up-to-date on the state of your business and supply chain, foresee disruptions before they occur. optimum end-customer value. Learn how.

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Welcome to the free AI.cast - Smart Operations Edition

Our three episodes of Codento AI.cast with the theme Smart Operations will cover means to achieve better visibility, efficiency and automation without heavy costs. We at Codento, our partner Google and our customers like Fastems and Okmetic will talk about what you can achieve by using the newest technology that has been tested in the toughest of circumstances.

smart operations

Why Codento?

Google’s superior platform and pre-set tools

Automated deployment of a ready-to-use setup for manufacturing, integrated digital twin foundation for asset hierarchy & models, superior developer experience, faster time-to-value with growing portfolio of integrated use cases (factory analytics and insights, machine-level anomaly detection, predictive maintenance), built for production scale and idustry-leading machine connectivity with integrated factory edge gateway.

Codento’s extensive experience

Leading Nordic Google Cloud Platform experts, proven experience from dozens of manufacturing customers and references, ready templates for utilizing AI on different scenarios and satisfied employees who serve satisfied clients with pioneer mindset, empathy, and perseverance.

Questions on Smart Operations?

We love to hear from you and help to solve your challenges! Wherever you are in your smart operations journey, we have the expertise to make it a smooth experience.

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