Unique AI-powered Employee Experience: Employee Help Desk with Google Cloud HR Agent Technology

Unique AI-powered Employee Experience: Employee Help Desk with Google Cloud HR Agent Technology



Based on feedback from HR peers, we have created a unique AI solution that allows employees to easily find answers to HR-maintained guidelines, practices, and policies through a chat window embedded in the intranet. No more digging through files or web pages. This streamlines employee onboarding, saves time for staff, supervisors, and the HR department, and boosts employee satisfaction.



Challenges facing organizations:

  • Increasing cost pressures and resource challenges for HR
  • Delayed productivity of new employees due to slow onboarding and difficulty finding information
  • Loss of tacit knowledge due to employee turnover
  • Increased workload for supervisors
  • Competition for skilled employees
  • Growth of information and challenges in finding the right information
  • Increased time pressures on employees
  • Remote work and reduced face-to-face interactions
  • Impact of employee motivation on performance
  • Less time and opportunity for employee training


Our Solution

Google Cloud and Codento offer a solution: AI-powered Employee Help Desk. This provides quick, accurate answers to employees seeking information on complex HR processes or documents (compensation, benefits, etc.) through:

  • Chatbot/Q&A and Search engine capabilities for HR documents without requiring engineering expertise, tuning, or configuration.
  • Agent Builder allows users to simply describe the configuration of the chat agent instead of defining it manually.



Based on unique Google Cloud HR AI Agent technology and its turnkey lightweight implementation.

    • A Generative AI HR Agent is an application that aims to achieve a goal by observing the world and acting upon it using the tools at its disposal
    • User interface is the current HR intranet or equivalent HR portal, into which the HR agent’s chatbot is seamlessly integrated
    • The agent has access to all necessary HR guidelines and documentation
    • Learns over time to provide better and more relevant answers
    • Adapts to updated materials
    • Supports multiple languages


  • Codento, a Google Cloud Partner of the Year, configures and deploys the solution
    • The client needs to create 25 test questions and 25 corresponding sample answers based on HR documentation. Codento handles the rest
    • The solution is operational within few weeks of decision
    • Can be implemented in the client’s existing Google Cloud environment, a new environment (additional setup cost), or Codento’s provided Google Cloud platform



  • Speed: operational in just few weeks
  • Low cost: ask for an offer
  • Low risk: Codento has extensive experience with similar deployments using Google Cloud technology
  • Solution quality: Codento’s NPS is consistently over 70


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