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Prepare Your Business for the AI and Application Innovations of Tomorrow

Base your software business decisions on a clear product vision and strategy, modern architecture, and AI capabilities. Learn how.

Enter markets faster with AI-powered development tools, state-of-the-art DevOps capabilities, and a cloud-native application architecture. Learn how.

Efficiently and accurately reinforce your teams with our AI and app experts to carry out MVPs, rapid scaling, or continuous operations. Learn how.

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Welcome to the free AI.cast - Software Intelligence Edition

In the episodes we share some exciting insights together with our customers like Fastems, Systam and Agileday. Their core business is built around software and they have some superhero developers in their payroll, but they still find it useful to bring in ideas, expertise and helping hands from outside their own organizations.

software intelligence

Why Codento?

Google’s superior platform and pre-set tools

Outstanding developer experience due to platform optimized for programmers, pre-built AI capabilities, Generative AI, with 70% of GenAI startups selecting Google’s AI capabilities, DevOps assessment framework and built for scale and also used by services like YouTube

Codento’s extensive experience

Tested software strategy model with references, pioneering capabilities in utilizing Google’s AI tools for software development, ready AI templates, experience and references since 2005 in building scalable solutions against SaaS vendors’ high requirements,  and satisfied employees who serve satisfied clients with pioneer mindset, empathy, and perseverance

Scalable and certified resource pool

Codento-certified consultants and partners, our consultants have on average 15+ years of relevant experience and we also flexibly employ subcontractors and freelancers from our trusted network

Questions on Software Intelligence?

We would love to hear from you and help to solve your challenges! Wherever you are in your software intelligence journey, we have the expertise to make it a smooth experience.

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