Nextgen Foundation

Prepare Your Business for the AI and Application Innovations of Tomorrow

Adopt one secure, compliant, governed, and cost-efficient cloud platform from landing to scaling your business or benefit from the advantages of multicloud environments. Learn how.

Utilize data warehouses, data lakes, and data pipelines for real-time data availability, sustainable data management, and AI-readiness and deploy Machine Learning Ops (MLOps) to support scaling of AI usage. Learn how.

Replace outdated, end-of-life technology with future-proof, cloud-native applications that leverage scale, elasticity, resiliency, and flexibility of the cloud. Learn how.

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Welcome to the free AI.cast - Nextgen Foundation Edition

It is no surprise - the hottest topic today for you IT and data leaders is how to scale the use of AI and how to fulfill the endless AI-appetite of your business peers. Is your IT foundation ready for AI and application innovations, or is there still technology debt to pay?

Nextgen Foundation

Why Codento?

Google’s superior platform and pre-set tools

Easy adoption with Google Cloud Adoption Framework, simplicity, granular pricing, sustainability with 1,5 times more energy efficient operations than typical enterprise data centers and superior developer experience

Codento’s extensive experience

Leading Nordic Google Cloud Platform experts, pioneering work on other hyper-scale clouds, too, Application Modernization framework for faster time-to-value and satisfied employees who serve satisfied clients with pioneer mindset, empathy, and perseverance

Multi-cloud capabilities

Multiple platforms help you avoid vendor lock-in, take advantage of best-of-breed solutions, meet regulatory requirements and Anthos managed hybrid and multi-cloud platform

Questions on Nextgen Foundation?

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