Career at Codento

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Now it is the perfect time to join us!

We at Codento, together with the great minds of Google and our customers, are building together something new, something inspiring, and fascinating! There could not be a more appropriate time to jump on board!

At Codento, we want to understand the needs of our customers and find the best solutions via an open, collaborative dialogue.  We are determined to help our customers and colleagues achieve mutual goals – not forgetting our team spirit and positive atmosphere!

Intellectual curiosity, communality, and openness unite the people of Codento. Every new Codento employee brings something unique to our working community in addition to their professional skills, and thus we are eager to meet you too!

Enthusiastic community for cloud technology and collaborative learning

We provide all possible support for our consultants in becoming Google Cloud Professionals. Our essential element is the Codento GCP Academy, which brings together the professionals of Codento, Google, and our partners and provides a platform to share insights. We also want to certify all of our employees, so we give adequate prerequisites to study for GCP certifications, provide all necessary material, and continuously share the information we have already learned together. And naturally, as hands-on work is the core of learning, most of the days are spent on challenging assignments with customers.

“I appreciate that Codento supports the development of consultant’s skills in many ways and also strives to continuously learn as an organization.”
Veera, Senior Software Engineer, Codento

You are important to us – We truly mean it

It is paramount for us to balance work with leisure and be flexible throughout the varying moments of life. Flexibility goes in both directions, i.e., we expect our consultants to be flexible as customers’ situations change, but we also give freedom to manage your schedules and working style. Our office is located in the heart of Helsinki, but you can work from anywhere and at the time agreed with the customers. In other words, although the customer’s needs are at the heart of our operations, we also make sure that work does not spill over too much on the leisure time of your life.

On Thursdays, we meet at the office to combine customer assignment remote work with some briefings, workshops, lunch, coffee breaks and may extend the day for something fun and energetic to do together. For example, we have been climbing, exploring an art exhibition on a guided tour, and pondering the secrets of art by a teacup. Tell us where you would like to go!

To support your well-being, we also offer you the following benefits:

  • High-quality tools for work
  • Telephone benefit and internet connection at home
  • ePassi for well-being, sport and culture, and commuting
  • ePassi for lunch benefit
  • Comprehensive occupational health care
  • Rela Card for half-price massages from Rela masseurs
  • Leisure accident insurance
  • Travel insurance
  • Home care for a sick child
  • City bikes in the summer
  • Opportunity to become a shareholder in August 2021



Cloud Runners

Cloud Runners is a training program we started with Barona in October 2021. You can find information about it by clicking the image below: