Case: Global Technology Leader Screens Their AI Concept Portfolio with Codento’s Methodology

Case: Global Technology Leader Screens Their AI Concept Portfolio with Codento’s Methodology


What was the challenge?

A global technology leader approached Codento to evaluate, screen, and assess its extensive AI innovation concept portfolio. Given the revolutionary nature of AI and its associated uncertainties, traditional use case screening methods were deemed inadequate. The client needed a consulting partner with deep AI expertise and a proven track record in assessing AI value and complexity.


Our solution

Codento leveraged its unique AI value and complexity framework to address the client’s needs. Our consultants began by evaluating over 20 AI concept proposals, ranking them based on their initial complexity using a five-grade rating system. This system assessed factors such as data import, data quality, machine learning models, integration, and maintenance.

To enhance the granularity of these rankings, we provided detailed questionnaires to the concept owners. Following this, Codento facilitated workshops with business stakeholders to rank the business value of each AI concept. The criteria included new business scaling, cost savings, customer satisfaction, better insights, idea novelty, and internal learning, all weighted equally.


Why Codento?

Codento was chosen for its specialized AI expertise and a strong track record in AI value and complexity assessment. The client also valued Codento’s extensive list of successful AI implementations, which reinforced our credibility and capability.


What were the results?

The client identified the three most valuable use cases with manageable complexity for implementation. This systematic and analytical approach enabled the client to save time, foster a common commitment to the selection process, and mitigate the risk of choosing overly complex use cases. Additionally, the client’s understanding of AI capabilities significantly improved.


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