Learning, Caring and Delivering.

Get to know Codento introduced by our CEO Anthony Gyursanszky. Who we are, what we do and how to join us?

Our values were created together

Our values were created together by exchanging ideas and getting the input of every Codentian into the process. Therefore we can truly say that they are our own.

We asked ourselves what capabilities and attributes should Codentians hold to overcome every challenge that we inevitably face on our growth journey. Below you can read more about the process.


Development Is Our Passion

We are passionate about developing our skills and vision for the success of our common journey to the future.


We Pay Attention and Care

We care about each other and care about our customers, partners and us as a community and individuals in all situations.


Striving towards the Goal

We take concrete action step by step and work relentlessly to meet the challenges of the client and personal development goals.

Did you know this?

Codento in Numbers


More than a decade ago we became Finland’s first AWS partner, and now we have obtained company-level specialization in Google Cloud with numerous professional certifications.

AVERage years of experience

We have talents early in their careers and veterans with more than 25 years of strong experience.


Our employee satisfaction has been regularly over 4 out of 5.

net promoter score

In 2022 our customer satisfaction reached to new heights with NPS of 81.

trusted partners

In addition to our own consultants, we also employ subcontractors and freelancers.


OurĀ annual revenue growth from 2021 to 2022 exceeds 55%.

What can we help you achieve?

If this resonated with you, we hope you can join us!