AI-Power Your Operations – Book a Free Smart Operations Workshop

Book a Free Smart Operations AI Workshop

Business Consulting Group has stated that 89% of industrial companies plan to implement AI in their production networks. As we have been discussing with the operations, logistics and supply chain directors, we have seen this to be true – the appetite is there.

In the beginning of an AI journey for Smart Operations, it is often a challenge to understand where to start. This is aided by our free workshop for the customer on the use of AI in your business, facilitated by Codento’s experts. A workshop is an easy way to brighten the business opportunities of AI in your organization. The aim of the free Smart Operations workshop is to help identify and prioritize the most potential uses of AI and to produce clear steps to realize them.

Codento’s Smart Operations workshop helps you  to thrive in tomorrow’s markets with AI:

  • By smart scheduling your operations, we will help streamline your factory, logistics, projects, and supply chain operations. With the help of Google’s extensive AI tools for manufacturing and logistics operations, you can deliver on time, within budget, and with superior efficiency. 
  • Minimize risks related to disruptions, protect your reputation, and save resources, thereby boosting employee and customer satisfaction while cutting costs.  
  • Stay one step ahead with the power of AI, transparent data, and analytics. Smart Operations keeps you in the know, enabling you to foresee and tackle disruptions before they even happen.

The Smart Operations workshop lasts two hours and is usually attended by 3-5 business and technical  management personnel and Codento consultants. The workshop can be conducted online. In the beginning, under Codento’s facilitation, a picture is formed of the different scenarios for the utilization of AI, and then a wider range of use cases is sought in the customer’s own environment. Codento consultants help prioritize the most practical ones.

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