AI & Business Strategies – Nordic Hybrid Event

Tiivistämö, Helsinki

AI & Business Strategies – Nordic Hybrid Event


Once again Codento is the main sponsor together with Google Cloud for AI & Business Strategy event. We will also be holding a keynote with the topic:

BEYOND PILOTS – Architecting the AI-Enabled enterprise for scalability:

Strategies for building AI infrastructure that supports scaling from pilot projects to enterprise-wide deployment

Join us in Helsinki for a groundbreaking 2024 AI event that delves into the heart of AI integration within business strategies, internal scaling of AI processes, and the crucial aspects of AI ethics and governance.

A cross-industry event for business leaders, strategists, and practitioners looking for game-changing strategic insights, business growth and actionable know-how.

Our agenda, rich in practical insights and cutting-edge knowledge, will equip you with the tools to implement, optimize, and scale your AI initiatives, ensuring alignment with long-term business objectives. Discover actionable strategies to navigate the complexities of AI adoption and ethically steer your organization into a future shaped by advanced AI technologies.

Engage with experts and peers as we unravel the myths around AI and offer a clear path to creating value and lasting impact in your business operations with AI.

Welcome to create value and business impact with AI!