Customer Foresight

Leverage AI-powered Insights to Discover Opportunities, Exceed Customer Expectations, and Optimize Your Bottom Line

Use data and AI to understand and predict customer demand and behavior, to identify new market segments and up- and cross-sell opportunities, and to target your marketing campaigns. Learn how.

Retain your customers by optimizing their experience and helping them find the right offering, at the right price, and through their preferred channels. Learn how.

Determine Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) to drive retention, customer acquisition, and marketing ROI, segment and prioritize customers, and optimize your product portfolio, inventory, pricing, and purchases accordingly. Learn how.

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Welcome to the free AI.cast – Customer Foresight Edition

AI and data are here to stay and each business executive thinking of marketing, selling, and generating more revenue needs to learn from the leaders.​ So let’s dive into the grooviest ways of using modern AI technologies for smarter marketing and sales!

Customer foresight

Why Codento?

Google’s superior platform and pre-set tools

Easy adoption and superior developer experience, faster time-to-value with templates for Retail AI, Looker analytics, BigQuery and Customer Lifetime Value and leading Generative AI tools for producing the right content.

Codento’s extensive experience

Ready templates for utilizing AI on different scenarios, leading Nordic Google Cloud Platform experts to customize any of your business scenarios, satisfied employees who serve satisfied clients with pioneer mindset, empathy, and perseverance, and ability to harness all your data sources to provide better insights and recommendations for action.

Questions on Customer Foresight?

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