CXO Data 2024 – The Power of Data

Vanha ylioppilastalo, Helsinki

CXO Data 2024 – The Power of Data

Turn your most valuable resource, data, into business growth.

The CxO DATA 2024 event brings together decision-makers and developers from different industries and functions every year to find the most effective solutions for utilizing data, improving its usability and management, and recipes for growth made possible by data and artificial intelligence.

This year, the main theme of the program is Data for Business – in addition, speakers at the event:

  • The role of innovation management in the midst of the artificial intelligence revolution
  • Financial challenges: data and analytics in times of crisis
  • Using generative artificial intelligence to create business value
  • The evolution of data teams at the core of business
  • Edge Computing: the data processing model of the future
  • Using customer data and analyzes in business Leave the guesswork behind and get the facts.

Don’t miss the chance to be one step ahead and rise to the top of the (global) competition.