AI-Power Your Application Portfolio – Book a Free App Foundation Workshop

Book a Free App Foundation AI Workshop

While the business teams are moving ahead with AI and App  initiatives related to Customer Foresight, Smart Operations, and Software Intelligence IT functions are often bound to legacy IT and application portfolios. This creates pressure for the IT departments to keep up with the pace.

All the above-mentioned comes down to having the proper foundation to build on, i.e., preparing your business for the innovations that AI and application technologies can bring. Moving to a modern application portfolio will allow you to harness the potential of AI a, but it is also a cost-cutting endeavor. Business Consulting Group has studied companies that are forerunners in digital and concluded that they can save up to 30% on their IT costs when moving applications and infrastructure to the cloud. 

In the beginning of an AI journey for App Foundation, it is often a challenge to understand where to start. This is aided by our free workshop for the customer on the use of AI in your business, facilitated by Codento’s experts. A workshop is an easy way to brighten the development opportunities of your application portfolio to support AI use cases and to produce clear steps to realize them.

“Codento’s App Foundation workshop helps you  to thrive in tomorrow’s markets by modernizing your dated application portfolio with cloud-native applications designed for scale, elasticity, resiliency, and flexibility. “

At the same time:

  • Future-proof your architecture and operations with Google’s secure, compliant, and cost-efficient cloud platform that will scale to whatever comes next. Whether you choose a single cloud strategy or embrace multi-cloud environments, Codento has got you covered.
  • Unleash the power and amplify the value of your data through real-time availability, sustainable management, and AI readiness. With Machine Learning Ops (MLOps), we streamline your organization’s scaling of AI usage.

The App Foundation workshop lasts two hours and is usually attended by 3-5 business and technical  management personnel and Codento consultants. The workshop can be conducted online. In the beginning, under Codento’s facilitation, a picture is formed of the current state of application portfolio and key challenges to tackle to support the current and future AI use cases. Codento consultants help prioritizing the most practical next steps.

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