Kamux Changes the Game of Dealership Online Presence with the Latest Google Cloud Generative AI Capabilities

Kamux Changes the Game of Dealership Online Presence with the Latest Google Cloud Generative AI Capabilities


Catering to the sale of pre-owned vehicles and associated services, Kamux stands as a specialized modern retail chain. With a collective presence in Finland, Sweden, and Germany, Kamux boasts a network of 88 car dealerships. Company’s  core dedication lies in the realm of used cars, positioning as the knowledgeable experts in this domain.


What was the challenge?

Every day there are numerous new cars appearing to be advertised and promoted on the Kamux digital platform. As each used car is unique with specifications, target customer segment definition, differentiated value proposition and required tone of voice, the advertisement creation process for marketeers has been time consuming, slow and resulted in a compromised content.

The vision for Kamux was to develop an automated solution for crafting compelling marketing descriptions for each car on their website using the car’s features. These descriptions should emphasize the car’s unique attributes while also being down-to-earth and not overly salesy.


Our solution

In just a few weeks Codento developed a complete solution leveraging the Google Cloud and its PaLM2 model (text-bison) on Vertex AI to generate captivating car descriptions that highlight their distinctive features and benefits. It transforms the standard features of the cars into compelling descriptions that resonate with potential buyers.

The core of the work revolved around prompt engineering where the prompts were meticulously styled and structured to guide the model through a sequence of tasks and guidelines, to ensure that the generated output is both engaging and relevant. A scalable and secure API was deployed to Google Cloud’s Cloud Run, from which the descriptions can be queried.


Why Codento?

Codento possesses a deep understanding of customer foresight AI scenarios and Google Cloud capabilities and related best practices. In addition, Codento’s consultants have extensive experience in building solutions on Google Cloud, which was crucial for the successful execution of this project.


What were the results?

Codento successfully deployed the solution on Google Cloud’s Cloud Run, providing Kamux with a seamless way to call the service and obtain tailored marketing descriptions for each car.

The solution not only automated the description generation process but also ensured that each description is crafted to highlight the car’s standout features, making them more appealing to potential buyers.


In customer’s own words

“Incorporating Google Cloud GenAI for our vehicle descriptions is expected to be a game-changer for our dealership’s online presence. It is targeted to transform how we shall showcase each car, with some features now vividly highlighted to engage and inform. We envision that the use of GenAI not only will distinguish us from our competitors but also will enhance the overall quality and appeal of our online vehicle listings, reflecting a more customer friendly approach to car sales.”


by Jarkko Lehtismäki, CDO, Kamux


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