Celebrating Codento as the Google Cloud Partner of the Year in Finland

Celebrating Codento as the Google Cloud Partner of the Year in Finland

With the Award Comes a Shared Responsibility


Author: Anthony Gyursanszky, CEO, Codento


They say focus, determination, and hard work eventually result in a good outcome. So it has happened to us.

Team Codento, together with Team Google Cloud, embarked on a joint journey a few years back with the ambition to position Codento as a leading Google Cloud consulting company, identifying an emerging market and collaboration opportunity.

Through diligent efforts to achieve 2 Google Cloud specializations, 20 expertises, 35 professional certifications, and over 30 Google Cloud service deliveries with an NSAT rating of over 70, as well as recently expanding operations into Sweden, Codento was awarded the first-ever Google Cloud Partner of the Year award in Finland, presented in Las Vegas.

We are honored and thankful for this recognition from the Google Cloud teams, our customers, and our employees. This award underscores our commitment to delivering innovative AI, data, cloud, and application development consulting solutions and exemplary service to our Finnish and Swedish clients, showcasing the transformative power of Google Cloud.

As part of this rapidly growing Google Cloud partner ecosystem, we also understand that with the award comes responsibility.

We are committed to addressing the key topics in the Nordic IT and business landscape. There are four essential ambassadorial roles that Codento commits to taking an active role in from now on,


Sharing Information on the Continuously Evolving Capabilities of Google Cloud

In our unique role as Partner of the Year, we are well-positioned to share our insights into new Google Cloud products and features, their business value, differentiation versus other clouds, and our experiences on how to ramp up competencies and capabilities with Google Cloud rapidly.

We will continue to amplify the drumbeat of Google Cloud product news with business and technical analysis and interpretation in blogs, videos, events, and newsletters and serve as the primary point of contact in these matters.


Helping Nordic Organizations Become Leading Adopters of AI Innovations

According to various market forecasts, it is safe to say that Nordic organizations need to invest 3-10% of their revenue in AI development and capabilities in a few years to stay on par with their international peers.

These investments should not happen without an AI roadmap and persistent execution. Codento has taken a pioneering role in this by conducting over 100 free AI value workshops, aiming to identify high-value, low-complexity use cases that can be quickly adopted with a fast time to value.

So far, Codento teams have identified more than 300 different use cases and implemented many of them with customers, such as Hytest, whose AI adoption journey started with such a workshop.

With Codento’s extensive experience in AI use cases and ready-made offerings based on Google Cloud, we know how to deliver value rapidly with AI and are eager to share all these learnings in our events, videos, blogs, and newsletters, like AI.cast and AI newsletter.

Google is in a great position to bring continuous AI innovation to the market. The heart of AI innovation is Google Cloud’s innovative startup ecosystem. For example, more than 70% of Generative AI startups today have chosen to rely on Google Cloud capabilities. There is much to learn for the traditional organizations with the speed of innovation taking place there, and we, as Partner of the Year, are happy to share our learnings.


Solving the Critical Bottlenecks Customers Face in Their AI Scaling

While conducting our AI workshops, it has become clear that the most common bottleneck for AI scaling is the need for a data strategy and consistent implementation of it. With AI, it is paramount to ensure data quality and build proper means to collect, store, and update data.

In many cases, the lack of a general cloud strategy, architecture, and modern application portfolio also poses a challenge.

We advise organizations from start to finish and are committed to helping our Nordic customers overcome these hurdles as quickly as possible. Our novel data strategy offering is an excellent example of this.


Advising Customers Make Responsible and Proactive Cloud Decisions

As discussed with multiple international industry peers recently, organizations here in the Nordic region are more inclined to consolidate their cloud technology decisions on a single cloud of choice and become more dependent on that bet over time. This is different, for example, in the US, where organizations typically use several major cloud technologies.

While this single-cloud approach might have multiple benefits, such as easier competence management, the recent AI disruption provides a unique opportunity to consider complementary alternatives.

We see that continuing with the current cloud, replacing it, or complementing it with other cloud alternatives is always a critical business decision and should be regularly assessed with a fresh mind. In the Nordics, this seems to be a reactive rather than a proactive process.

The benefits of a multi-cloud approach are broad:

  • Cost optimization
  • More flexible cloud resource usage
  • Access to broader and more targeted innovations
  • Better vendor-lock-in management
  • Sustainability optimization

As a Partner of the Year, we are extremely enthusiastic about this area and will be evangelizing these themes and benefits heavily in the coming months with our Nextgen Foundation offering and a fresh view of an AI-optimized cloud strategy.


Looking Ahead

It is an honor for our whole Codento team to be the Partner of the Year in this growing Google Cloud ecosystem. We are excited and committed to being a prime example of an active and professional ambassador of Google Cloud and consultancy power in the years to come.

About the author:

Anthony Gyursanszky, CEO, joined Codento in late 2019 with over 30 years of experience in the IT and software industry. Anthony has previously held management positions at F-Secure, SSH, Knowit / Endero, Microsoft Finland, Tellabs, Innofactor and Elisa. He has also served on the boards of software companies, including Arc Technology and Creanord. Anthony also works as a senior consultant for Value Mapping Services. His experience covers business management, product management, product development, software business, SaaS business, process management, and software development outsourcing. Anthony is also a certified Cloud Digital Leader.