A Novel Premium Offering: Data Strategy in Action

A Novel Premium Offering: Data Strategy in Action


What is it?

  • Concretising data strategy by tying it directly to a piece of data-led development work.
  • The development informs strategy and strategy guides development.
  • The development is targeted for production, ensuring realistic tests for the data strategy as well as genuine return on investment from business value delivered by application development.


Who needs it?

  • Companies who don’t have a fully fledged data strategy.
  • Companies that don’t believe strategy is being adhered to.
  • Companies wishing to take their first steps towards ML and AI, but need foundational reinforcement.
  • Those wishing to revisit, revise, review and refactor their data strategy.


Why have it?

  • Data-driven success only comes after setting the vision and strategic targets for your organisation.
  • Data strategy is the foundation and framework for how data is collected, stored and processed.
  • A data strategy delivers a ‘playbook’ for all internal, data-led initiatives.
  • A data strategy puts all your people on the same page when it comes to data.
  • Your data strategy lets people know their roles and responsibilities with regards to data within the organisation.
  • A well constructed data strategy informs you on how to engage with new data-driven opportunities.
  • ‘Data Strategy in Action’ provides a runway for vision to value via data-led application development.


The Story Behind Data Strategy in Action (DSiA)

After working on numerous ‘proof of concept’ projects it became clear that there was something missing. The concepts being demonstrated were purely technical, and whilst it was often the case that the technology worked, the methods used to prove the technology were invariably loosely defined and the actual value being delivered was unclear. Even with a ‘proof of value’ project, there was little in the way of actual verification of methodology and resources.

DSiA addresses these concerns by doing real, business valuable work, and using strategy to guide it at each and every step – but crucially feeding back and modifying detail within the data strategy to ensure realistic, pragmatic strategic direction and vision.

Data Strategy and Data-Driven Applications – working together.

For more details and information contact: matthew.wooller@codento.com or filling in the template below.

“My philosophy regarding data strategy creation is one of delivering robust, pragmatic implementations  that have their roots in business value generation as well as strong, battle-tested technical solutions.”

Matthew Wooller, Data and AI Strategist, Codento