Choicely Enhanced No-code App Builder with the Google Cloud Generative AI Capabilities

Choicely Enhanced No-code App Builder with the Google Cloud Generative AI Capabilities


Choicely is a technology company based in Finland and Switzerland. They are serving customers across the world with their no-code application development platform. Choicely Studio with its no-code development capabilities allows anyone to create a mobile app for both Google Play and Apple store. Thus, helping their customers reduce development costs significantly, and create an effortless mobile app with generated code to publish their apps securely across major platforms.


What was the challenge?

Choicely needed to enhance their end-user experience and engagement by providing a context aware AI to assist the end-user dialogue. Thus, Choicely wanted to incorporate Google Cloud generative AI capabilities to build conversational dialogue support for their customers.


Our solution

Codento helped the Choicely team develop a solution leveraging Google Cloud and its PaLM2 Large Language Model (text-bison) with Vertex AI to create engaging chat dialogue in Choicely Studio. The tool allows a business to pre-define conversation content that highlights user audience-specific and distinctive information and benefits. It transforms a fixed structure dialog into a more interesting and user-friendly participation.

Together with Choicely, Codento developed a Cloud Run module that calls the chat-bison API with the user’s message, message history, and brand-specific context and parameters. The message history has been pre-processed to align with the chatbot’s input format, which alternates between user and AI messages. This ensures the generated output is both engaging and pertinent. A scalable and secure API was deployed to Google Cloud’s Cloud Run application.


Why Codento?

Codento possesses a deep understanding of AI scenarios and Google Cloud capabilities and related best practices. In addition, Codento’s consultants have extensive experience in building solutions on Google Cloud, which was crucial for the successful execution of this project.


What were the results?

Codento successfully deployed the solution on Google Cloud’s Vertex AI with GenAI LLM capabilities and Cloud Run, providing Choicely with a seamless way to integrate the service into the Choicely Studio platform.


In customer’s own words

“Incorporating Google Cloud GenAI into our Choicely Studio opens up new customer opportunities and enables a new kind of customer experience through a conversation builder with new GenAI features. The use of GenAI sets us apart from our competitors and offers more sophisticated ways for user interaction.”

by Kaius Meskanen, CEO, Choicely & Tommy Eklund, CTO, Choicely


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