We Deliver Value through Cloud Apps and AI.

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Our Google Cloud powered services are Value discovery, Application development, Application modernization, and AI and Data. We are happy to cooperate with an appropriate service model.

Value Discovery

Our simplified models and workshops to identify the fastest and most cost-effective avenues to reach maximum value with AI, data, cloud or applications.

Our condensed service design sprint, proof-of-concept project, or a demo based on real data quickly validate the viability of your early concept.

Our extensive and systematic quick-to-value service, led by our senior advisors, to assess the status of current operations, infrastructure and capabilities. We help prioritize the most efficient development initiatives to drive reduced cost structure and optimum setup to reach optimum end-customer value.

Our comprehensive and collaborative strategy process opens up new thinking with scenario-based future environment modeling, business and value canvas frameworks for selected strategic options, multi-dimensional evaluation across options, and finally agile transformation planning for the selected strategic direction.

Application Development

We develop new AI powered software services fast and iteratively based on customer needs. Validate a concept, differentiate from the competition, and align with the business strategy for new revenue streams and brand value.

We build online customer experiences with multi-channel customer journeys, from the first touch, via deeper engagement to complete service fulfillment. Our solutions integrate with e-commerce and customer data systems powered by predictive AI to deliver value.

We optimize core internal applications for processes and workflows to facilitate transparent collaboration between various user groups and functions to fulfill specific operational business needs. Our solutions integrate with core business systems, like ERP and other platforms.

We develop digital twin applications that represent current and future physical systems and processes with simulations, predictions, visualization, models, integrations and reports to improve business and operative insight.

Our IoT solutions operate by continuously sending, receiving, and analyzing data in a feedback loop. Edge computing moves computing services closer to the end-user or the data source supporting latency-sensitive cloud services and service distribution.

Application Modernization

Our systematic way to plan and drive application cloudification by refactoring and re-architecting. This increases usage of cloud capabilities step by step, ensuring high productivity, cost reduction and agility.

Our cloud-native approach to build and run applications exploiting advantages of the cloud computing delivery model.  This ensures faster time to market, helps respond proactively to customer demands and manages scalability and complexity.Accordion item content

Our DevOps capabilities include all layers of Culture, Automation, Lean, Measurement and Sharing (CALMS). Our multifaceted approach enables faster software development cycles and time to market with high quality.

We help maximize the value of multi-cloud capabilities by balancing applications and workloads across a superset of public clouds, private cloud, and edge computing resources resulting in more flexibility and better risk management.

We increase business resiliency by planning and preparing for potential threats to increase organizations’ ability to maintain business continuity with improved recovery and contingency plans.

AI and Data

Our approach to demand forecasting use machine learning models that help predict demand for products, enable to optimize inventory levels and reduce waste for optimizes business decisions and increased value.

The total value a customer brings to a business can be predicted more accurately with machine learning models. This combined with actionable customer insights through data analysis leads to better profitability.

Our computer vision solutions help in areas that have not been previously possible due to the nature of the visual data and its volume. Modern machine learning (ML) models and algorithms can unleash the potential of visual information.

We use quality control solutions use machine learning algorithms to identify defects in material, manufactured products and processed goods, improving product quality and reducing waste.

Our data-driven predictive maintenance approach helps to prevent downtime and reduce maintenance costs. Modern forecasting and machine learning algorithms help to achieve better forecasting accuracy than traditional methods.

Our MLOps are disciplines and practices focusing on the deployment, testing, monitoring, and automation of ML models to drive long-term value.

Our services help organizations to reach their desired state for data architecture that serves as a foundation for all data related business needs. We consider all technology and other aspects that govern and support data acquisition, storage, processing, pipelines, and the creation of value from data-driven insights.

Our Google Cloud Platform Capabilities

Cloud APIs - APIs for cloud services

Cloud Concole - Web-based management console

AppSheet - No-code app creation

Cloud Deployment Manager -  infrastructure deployment

Cloud Build - CI/CD platform

Cloud SDK - CLI for GCP

Apigee API PLatform - Develop, secure, monitor APIs

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Cloud SQL - Relational database service for MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQL Server.

BigQuery - Data warehouse for business agility and insights.

Cloud Firestore - Serverless NoSQL documentDB

Cloud Bigtable - Scaleable, low-latency, non-relational 

Cloud Pub/Sub - Global real-time messaging

Dataflow - Streaming analytics for stream and batch processing

Looker - Enterprise BI and analytics

Vertex AI - Google Cloud AI platforms

AppSheet- Deep transfer learning

Document AI - Analyze, classify, search documents

Recommendations AI - Create customer recommendations

Cloud Translation API - Language detection and translation

Cloud Text-to-speech API - Convert text to audio

Cloud Natural Language API - Custom text models 

AI Platform Notebooks - Managed notebook instances

Cloud Functions - Event-driven serverless functions

App Engine - Managed app platform

Cloud Run - Fully managed environment for running containerized apps

Kubernetes Engine (GKE) - Managed environment for running containerized apps.

Compute Engine - Virtual machines running in Google’s data center.

Cloud Filestore - Managed NFS Server

Cloud Storage - Object storage that’s secure, durable, and scalable

Anthos - Platform for modernizing existing apps and building new ones

Operations - Monitoring, logging, troubleshooting

Apigee API management - API management, development, security 

Cloud IoT Core - Managed devices, ingest data

This is how we do it

How can we help you?

Consulting day

Book an experienced cloud architect or data consultant for a day


Book a preplanned and structured workshop to discover your value capture opportunities


Book an assessment of your cloud software development capabilities or your application modernization opportunity

Planning sprint

Book for innovative new cloud software business validation or concept planning sprint

Consulting team

Book a team to develop your cloud software

Case Fastems: New SaaS Business

Fastems validated a new business model, concept and MVP for new SaaS offering as a joint programme.

Case: Google Cloud Platform Assessment for a Global Power Industry Company

Codento conducted an assessment of the cloud platform and architecture based on the recommendations and best practices of the Google Cloud Architecture Framework (Google Cloud Architecture Framework, (GCAF).

Case: Accelerating Software Delivery and Application Modernization for Okmetic

“Codento helped us to assess the potential for us to develop world-class software development operations to support our rapidly growing business. While continuously developing our processes and metrics, Codento has also scaled up our development teams by providing numerous experienced consultants. Their ability to react quickly to our changing needs has been a precious asset as a partner.”