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Data and AI market trends

The data and AI market is forecasted to continue a strong growth in the coming years. Market growth is driven by the proliferation of cloud-based applications and the advances in technology development. Customers in various industries are looking to streamline operations and improve the consumer experience by using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) algorithms to analyze large amounts of data and create new insights. Data and analytics solutions must meet many different needs. Regardless of the amount or location of the data, it must be able to be analyzed efficiently, not only by looking in the rearview mirror but also by using predictive analytics. The resulting analyses need to be brought to wide user audiences using self-service distribution models.

The most common considerations related to data and AI

In the early stages of the data and AI journey, the key issues seem to be:

  • Where to start using artificial intelligence and machine learning in general: identifying the first use cases, ensuring data security and privacy, identifying risks and how to avoid excessive complexity?
  • How to leverage cloud services for cost-effective and scalable data analysis?
  • How to visualize business information and bring it to those who need it in a consumable and understandable form?

Companies that are more advanced in utilizing data and AI often consider the following:

  • Did we meet the first AI / ML project goals in terms of cost savings and efficiency, and did we achieve targeted ROI? Transformative strategic goals may not be achieved immediately, as they may take a longer time to be achieved.
  • Projects can also surface challenges for data availability, collection, quality, and cost. It is generally a good idea to tackle these challenges to realize better value in the future Data/AI projects
  • How to set realistic schedules and expectations for Data / AI / ML projects and avoid the euphoria of technological hype
  • How to ensure organizational learning and capabilities

Objectives and the ideal situation

We strongly believe that leveraging data to support future business is:

  • Producing measurable and lasting business benefits
  • Operational – expertise and technologies are widely available to the organization
  • Systematic – Data / AI / ML elements can be included in all digital solutions
  • Developing the organization’s skills and capabilities
  • Integrated with software development methods and models

How can Codento’s Data and AI Services help you?

Codento services in data management, AI and ML and analytics:

  • Fast start in 6 days: quick training, selecting area to pilot, pilot and learn: Codento’s 1+5 solution
  • Better understanding of the current situation and developing one’s own activities: Codento’s assessment and development project
  • Rapid validation of a new idea or approach: Codento’s Proof of Concept
  • A clear picture of way forward: Codento’s solution mapping and delivery
  • Complementing existing expertise: Codento consulting

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