How we defined our values?

Codento values – our superpowers – were crafted together

At Codento, we say that our values were crafted together – not mandated by upper management. We do not have a traditional organizational hierarchy, we are merely a passionate team of consultants working together to help our customers succeed and internal structures are thus minimal. Therefore, also crafting our values was naturally a shared process.

We already had values, why did we take another look?

Codento had 15 years of history of ups and downs, but mostly a lot of achievements we are all extremely proud of and values which lead us here. In spring 2021, we had many new Codentians joining us on a new exciting journey to become a leading Google Cloud vendor.

This provided us a great opportunity to look at Codento’s core values from a new fresh perspective. We took the bull by the horns and started reviewing our values together to see if they really reflect our new journey. We were and still are at a point where we are looking forward to growing the size of our company and therefore we also wanted our values to pinpoint the capabilities and attributes to overcome the inevitable challenges that await us.

We decided to discuss and explore our values until we all found the light

We started the process by surveying what kind of behavior and traits would Codentians want to see in our daily life. The things that stood out were co-operation, trust, community, professionalism, and caring. This was not a surprise since Codentians have always been very good in their profession and also have included everyone in the group as themselves. We also reflected on our existing values and took everything great about them with us on the journey.

How do we see ourselves in the future?

The next step in our value creation process was to look into possible future scenarios where we have succeeded in our journey to have mastery in the Google Cloud and think about the features that Codento has in these scenarios. When we had groups of Codentians discuss these topics in a workshop the quality of ideas was great and the outcome was illuminating. There were things like opportunities to make an impact, a drive to develop oneself in technology and people skills, and punctuality and professionalism in the delivery of services. We all agreed that these are great attributes to strive for but still something was missing.

How to win the key challenges we are going to face?

That something was the special attributes of Codentians that we were looking for to have success in our journey. That is why we wanted to dig a bit deeper.

In the last phase of our value creation process we acknowledged that we had great ideas for what to strive for in the future but that we are still on a journey there. Therefore, we needed values that guide us through this common path that for sure will be rough at some points. We are on a journey and our organization will always be in some kind of flux and this is why we need values that help us find the best possible way in this ambiguity.

Pioneering, Empathy, and Perseverance

From this mindset, we got another angle to our thought process and ultimately got into a voting situation with the best ten or so value candidates on the table. Together with all Codentians in our autumn 2021 kick-off, we voted our values to be Pioneering, Empathy, and Perseverance.

These values reflect our common mindset to strive for excellence for our customers and ourselves while keeping in mind that being a human to another human is one of the most important things in life.