Welcome to free AI.Cast – Software Intelligence Episode 3 – Complement Your AI Development Capacity

Welcome to free AI.cast – Software Intelligence Episode 3 – Complement Your AI Development Capacity Watch the Recording

Welcome to Codento’s AI.cast!

This is the third and final Episode of our theme Software Intelligence! 

Did you know that a whopping seven out of ten Generative AI startups have selected Google Cloud’s AI capabilities as the foundation for their future?

Today’s AI.cast spotlight is on how to effectively complement your own development capacity with 

Codento’s AI professionals, particularly when operating on Google Cloud.

Imagine seamlessly integrating AI and app experts into your teams for MVPs, lightning-fast scaling, or sustaining your continuous operations.

In this episode, we will cover the following viewpoints:

  • Toni Kaikkonen, Director of Services at Codento, will share insights into how we at Codento empower Nordic software businesses by expanding resources and integrating the latest technologies.
  • Riikka Käsnänen from our customer Fastems, will talk about how they speed up their software development with Codento’s help.
  • Andrew Moschetti from Google will talk about how Google ensures its partners possess the right competencies and what you should seek in a Google partner.

The cast in this episode:

  • Toni Kaikkonen, Service Director, Codento
  • Andrew Moschetti, Cloud Engineer, Google
  • Riikka Käsnänen, Technical Product Manager, Fastems
  • Anthony Gyursanszky, CEO, Codento

So let’s dive headfirst into this ultimate episode!