Welcome to free AI.Cast – Software Intelligence Episode 2 – Supercharge Software Development with AI

Welcome to free AI.Cast – Software Intelligence Episode 2 – Supercharge Software Development with AI Watch the Recording

Welcome to Codento AI.cast on the theme Software Intelligence! 

In this second episode, we are covering the topic of how to supercharge your software development with AI.

We talk about the benefits you can gain from using Google’s AI-powered development tools and what advantages you can gain from seeking help from Codento’s experienced crew.

Check out these mind-blowing stats:

  • Have you ever imagined achieving a 50% turbo boost in code development and documentation? With the magic touch of AI, It’s not just a dream — it is within reach!
  • And get this: 90% of new enterprise app releases by 2025 will include AI functionalities. I bet you would not want yours to be in the remaining 10%.

In this episode, we’re bringing you insights from industry experts:

  • Andrew Moschetti from Google will shed light on the endless possibilities – and also the hurdles – of leveraging Google’s Generative AI tools for software development.
  • Jaakko Hartikainen, the Co-founder & Co-CEO of cloud-native startup, Agileday will unravel how Agileday’s human-fit operating platform is supercharged by Google Cloud Platform’s cutting-edge capabilities.
  • Anssi Tamminen, the CEO of another aspirational software business Systam, will talk about how Systam’s day-to-day operations have changed with the infusion of AI.
  • Topi Juden from Fastems will explain how Codento helped them build a factory Cockpit solution for their industrial customers.

The cast in this episode:

  • Anssi Tamminen, CEO, Systam
  • Topi Juden, CTO, Fastems
  • Jaakko Hartikainen, Co-founder & Co-CEO, Agileday
  • Andrew Moschetti, Cloud Engineer, Google
  • Anthony Gyursanszky, CEO, Codento

So if you are ready to unlock the secrets of software intelligence that’ll catapult your business into a whole new dimension, join us on this exciting journey!