Codento in Brief

Digital solutions Data and AI Cloud Continuous development

Codento is a pioneer in leveraging the public cloud with more than 200 customers already digitizing their business since 2005. We are a consulting company specializing in Google Cloud Platform and multi-cloud solutions. We help our customers in utilizing cloud services and modernizing software for the cloud.



Our customers’ key priorities

The identified key priorities for organizational development and current topics for discussion are:

Ability to change

As the operating environment changes, a fundamental shift in approach to plan and operate is required. Technological development affects every company and creates new business opportunities – without forgetting the renewal of the organizational culture and the development of competence.

Key themes include technological development, the widespread use of cloud services and platforms, flexibility and rapid adaptation to change and corporate restructuring, and organizational learning.

Customer experience

Customer experience needs to be built upon and developed in a systematic and consistent manner. Developing customer experience requires gathering and combining information from different sources, forming an overall view to support decision-making, and the ability to manage and implement changes in processes and systems quickly and with high quality.

Key themes include creating customer understanding, managing parallel service channels, operating in real-time, leveraging artificial intelligence, and product management.

Scaling of new services

The development of a new business or acquisition requires special expertise from a technological perspective. Relinquishing the old and developing existing products and services is a systematic process.

The choice between different cloud platforms and the management of technological partnerships and APIs, and joint development projects with customers require new approaches from leaders.

Growth, cost and efficiency

Organizations are looking for different ways to accelerate their growth by taking advantage of new opportunities brought by technology (cloud platforms, IoT, artificial intelligence), and removing bottlenecks and limitations from previous systems. At the same time, there is a need created to introduce new platforms on which new innovations can be developed in a decentralized and controlled manner.

Cost savings, process efficiency and predictability are sought through, for example, digital self-service, automation, data management and machine learning.

Environmental awareness and corporate responsibility

The transparency that digitalization brings to companies’ operations and the wishes of stakeholders help to define the company’s own environmental goals and good governance. Corporate responsibility and risk management are increasingly emphasized in the management’s goals.

For achieving environmental and corporate responsibility goals, managing the life cycle of products and ensuring the transparency of the value network require the right technology choices.

Your cloud journey with a partner which foresees the future and understands the cloud 

As a response to these priorities Codento is an excellent future-oriented guide for organizations in utilizing the capabilities of the public cloud for the following reasons:

The direction of the future

  • We help ambitious organizations clarify and achieve their goals
  • As a pioneer in public cloud services, we have in-depth expertise to ensure the continued competitiveness of our customers

Rapid development

  • We are agile in developing solutions to our customers’ needs
  • We help with development of new concepts, solution choices, and see the big picture

Capability sharing

  • Google’s GCP is the most innovative cloud platform and we are the most capable expert in Finland
  • We keep our promises, the cooperation with Codento has resulted in a high rate of customer satisfaction for over 200 customers


Our service areas

Codento’s service areas are:

  • Cloud: Rapid and scalable modernization and business-driven utilization of cloud platforms
  • Digital solutions: New applications and application modernization with managed APIs
  • Continuous development: Operating models for continuous publishing and integration, and application reliability
  • Data and AI: Artificial intelligence and machine learning, data management, analysis, and visualization

Read more on our service area-specific pages.