Case: Google Cloud Application Modernization to Drive Costs Down

Google Cloud Application Modernization to Drive Costs Down

What was the challenge?

The customer was facing challenges with the existing cloud platform. The costs were increasing rapidly when the application usage was scaling up. Also, the security issues with the existing platform had to be addressed.

Our solution

Codento helped the customer to modernize their application to the Google Cloud. The target cloud architecture was designed with the suitable Google Cloud service and network and security components. Codento worked together with the customer to identify and define the necessary application architecture and interface modifications. The Google Cloud architecture and infrastructure was implemented via Infrastructure as Code definitions so that it could be reproduced whenever needed.

Why Codento?

Codento was selected because of its Google Cloud expertize, and because Codento provided tight fixed scope services to address customer’s needs.

What were the results?

The customer has a fully functioning cloud application platform with clear structure and manageability that can scale as the business scales.