Fastems: Modernizing Digital Services IoT Platform to the Cloud

Fastems: Codento helped to modernize its digital services IoT platform to the cloud

What was the challenge?

Fastems delivers intelligent factory automation solutions around cutting machine tools and related processes, their main markets being in Europe, North-America and Asia. Fastem helps metalworking manufacturers improve their productivity and profitability.

The challenge was that a third party commercial IoT platform was used to connect delivered and installed Fastems’ software products  to the cloud and transmit data between customer system and data platform. Fastems wanted to replace the current IoT solution to a modern public cloud platform compliant with the current corporate technology strategy.

Our solution

First Codento helped Fastems to assess the current setup prior to the actual replacement work. Target was to analyze quickly and efficiently the current code base, define  appropriate scope and right path forward. A proposal for prioritized backlog was made available after the assessment to ensure smooth and quick start of replacement work as quickly as possible.

The actual modernization included IoT platform implementation and integration, device management functionality,monitoring and software update functionality.

To sum up, Codento’s services covered assessment of the current platform, architecture design and full stack development of the required functionality.  A cloud architect and senior software developer were used to complete the assessment and the actual delivery.

Why Codento?

Codento was selected because of our vision of the required solutions and proposed approach to assess and deliver the solution in a condensed time frame. Furthermore, current co-operation with Fastems, deep software development experience, and iterative approach to development were appreciated.

What were the results?

Codento delivered required IoT platform functionality in the required time frame and transferred the deliverables to Fastems one maintenance process.

In customer’s own words (testimonial)

Cooperation with Codento worked extremely well. Their ability to assign best possible competences for the project and experienced executive support throughout the entire project was appreciated. We are happy to recommend Codenton to similar projects.”

by Sami Teininen




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