Case: Google Cloud Functionality Verification for Kubernetes Operations

Google Cloud functionality verification for Kubernetes Operations

What was the challenge?

The customer was considering introducing a new cloud platform to replace and complement the existing cloud platforms. To understand and manage the potential risks, the customer needed to validate the cloud platform functionality and Kubernetes operations (kops) implementation before wide deployment and operational use against a set of use cases. 

Our solution

Codento verified that the architectural decisions were well-founded and acceptable. It was also essential that any missing functionality was identified and addressed with the development team.

Codento’s team of experts gathered requirements and helped to identify priority use cases. 

Cloud architects designed and built the solution including the Google Cloud environment set up. Codento defined the system test cases to test and verify the production grade Kops implementation. 

What were the results?

Upon completion of the deliverables: workshops, implementation, proof-of-concept, test and documentation as-well as fulfilling the functional requirements, the customer was able to verify the completeness of the platform functionality coverage. Thus, reducing the platform switch risks and costs, and address any functionality issues in advance with the cloud platform development team via Codento’s team of experts.