Case: Google Cloud Assessment for a Digital Commerce Client

Case: Google Cloud Assessment for a Digital Commerce Client


What was the challenge?

Our client is a Nordic services company operating in the sector of digital commerce. They utilize Google Cloud for providing tailored solutions for their customers. This large number of individually optimized solutions over time have  presented a challenge in the form of unnecessary overhead, management and lack of standardization.

The customer wanted to ensure that their cloud environment is sufficiently managed and organized and needed guidance to further enhance the maturity level of their cloud development and operations. They also wanted to prepare themselves for some risks, especially from a security point of view so they would not be caught by any surprise.


Our solution

Codento reviewed and evaluated the current architecture and configurations of the Google Cloud environment in comparison with Codento and Google Cloud best practices. The assessment was made by conducting interviews and reviewing documents and configurations. Also automated tools were used to gain visibility into misconfigurations and violations of an established set of standards. Codento’s team then captured findings and developed a report with recommendations on how to improve the security posture, data handling and disaster preparation of customer’s Google Cloud environment.


Why Codento?

Codento was chosen for the task because Codento’s Google Cloud -certified experts have extensive experience in cloud architectures and frameworks. Codento has also the highest Google Partner designation: Cloud Application Development Specialization to validate the expertise.


What were the results?

The assessment resulted in a detailed list of recommendations, with associated findings, priorities and estimated level of effort for each recommendation. Based on the recommendations, the customer is able to define a comprehensive plan to step up their maturity level, standardize and automate their cloud operations and provide their clients overall better service with clearly defined agreements.


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