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With Codento, the Google Cloud Country Partner of the Year 2024, you gain competitive edge via clearer customer foresight, smarter operations, and increased software intelligence - all delivered on the nextgen foundation.

Great news! We just won the 2024 Google Cloud Service Partner of the Year Award! We’re being recognized for our innovative thinking, standout customer service, and best-in-class use of Google Cloud products and services.

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We Are the Google Cloud Partner of the Year

We’re excited to announce that we’re a 2024 Google Cloud Service Partner of the Year Award winner! Thank you, Google Cloud, for recognizing our ability to create industry-leading solutions and standout customer experiences with your products and services.

Our Value for Your Business

Customer Foresight

Leverage AI-powered insights to discover opportunities, exceed customer expectations, and optimize your bottom line.

Smart Operations

Streamline your operations and increase resilience with transparent data and modern AI solutions.

Software Intelligence

Boost your product development with AI-driven software strategy and expertise.

Nextgen Foundation

Prepare your business for the AI and application innovations of tomorrow. Future-proof your cloud architecture and operations, amplify data with AI and modernize your application portfolio.

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