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Why should one to move to the cloud, or expand the current usage? What are the quick wins and business benefits? Cloud assessment provides a firm baseline and motivation to start a successful cloud journey. The outcome includes clear business cases, organizational maturity modeling, recommendations for cloud architectures and application migrations options. Are you interested in focusing on essentials and seeking for clarity?

Timo Laine Timo Laine Senior Cloud and AI Advisor


The first concrete experiences of the usage of the cloud by conducting smart proof of concepts give insight into the value of the cloud. In our experience real examples help to make less risky decisions when seeing the cloud benefits in practice. Typical piloting time can be from a few days to a couple of weeks. There are no reasons to wait. ​I am super-excited to be part of delivering your quick wins!

Toni Kaikkonen Toni Kaikkonen Senior Cloud Development Advisor


Architecture is in the core of success. Cloud architectures support resilient loosely coupled serverless architecture structures. This enables elasticity and high scalability with low cost. The workloads can be executed both on premise and in the cloud at the same time. In my opinion, the flexible cloud architecture solutions allow easy usage and a low threshold for cloud adoption.

Ilkka Tuohela Ilkka Tuohela Senior Cloud Architect


I like simple principles. When considering moving your operations to the cloud first move data and then applications. There are several approaches and techniques to make migrations easy and efficient. In many cases a practical approach is to run a hybrid environment where applications are deployed to containers and the cloud is used as an extension of the on-premises environment. You can decide, we advise.

Leo Honkanen Leo Honkanen Senior Software Architect


It is a bit surprising to hear statements like the cloud is so expensive! In most cases the solutions architecture has not been properly planned in the first place, the actual cloud platform has not been properly selected, some operational processes are missing or the cloud infrastructure has not been setup according to the best practices. The cloud optimization is an important part of the cloud usage and it is a continuous process. According to our experience the cloud can be 40-60% less expensive than the corresponding on-premises, or a private cloud setup.

Mikko Kautto Mikko Kautto Senior Software Architect


Whether your application is running on the web, mobile, tablet or edge, the building of the core requires professional and dedicated software development. We at Codento have been a pioneer of public cloud software and agile development since the arrival of public clouds. For example, we have experts on microservices, containers, Kubernetes and similar technologies, as well as UX design. ​Full stack programming for the cloud is in our DNA.

David Price David Price Senior Software Architect


A well-thought-out cloud devops process contains elements like infrastructure automation, CI/CD pipeline optimization and Site Reliability Engineering (SRE). Organizational characteristics and readiness are important aspects when understanding and defining the cloud operations. The SRE framework is a fantastic approach to maturity assessments.

Timo Koola Timo Koola Senior Cloud Architect


Data is at the heart of reaching business results. The cloud platform is ideal for data processing, big data and machine learning. Many powerful data refining tools are just a few clicks away. New business innovations and proofs of concept based on data-driven models can be rapidly evaluated and verified.

Olli-Pekka Lamminen Olli-Pekka Lamminen Senior Software Architect


The cloud has superior tools, capacity and processing power for developing intelligent AI, machine learning and edge services. Frameworks like Tensoflow are easily used and deployed in on-premises, cloud or edge devices. Machine learning takes the business opportunities to the next level and enables significant competitive advantage for your business. ​Do you want to hear more? Let's sit down and discuss it.

Timo Laine Timo Laine Senior Cloud and AI Advisor