Open Application (Finland)

Google Cloud is the fastest growing cloud platform, with the importance and value of its expertise growing rapidly in the market. Codento, on the other hand, is one of Finland’s leading Google Cloud organizations, and as our community grows, we are constantly looking for experts in various cloud technologies for demanding consulting tasks to develop into a Google Cloud professional.

So if pioneering in cloud technology is close to your heart and you want to challenge yourself with other empathetic and persistent codentians, we’re the right fit for you!


Examples of skills you can use to join our growth journey:

  • Node.js, Python, Go, Java, .NET, React.js, Angular
  • Python libraries and other data tools (Spark, Beam, Airflow, TensorFlow Extended, etc.) and R
  • SQL and NoSQL databases
  • Practical experience with modern data pipeline and data warehouse solutions
  • Google Cloud, AWS and Azure
  • Your knowledge of the most common DevOps functions and tools (Source Control, Integration and Management, Automation, Containers and Orchestration).
    • Git, Jenkins, Spinnaker, Ansible, Terraform, GKE (Kubernetes), App Engine, Cloud Run, Cloud Functions, GCE (Compute Engine)

We of course do not assume that you have knowledge of each of the technologies listed above, but we are delighted to have a conversation with you if you have some of these in your background.


Why Codento?

With Codento, you will take advantage of your existing knowledge and expand it with Google Cloud. We support your progress as a Google Cloud Professional in every way we can for example by providing materials and time, sharing knowledge across the organization, support from experienced colleagues, and providing interesting customer cases to work on. This is how we develop both as individuals and as a community.

As a Codentian, you are part of an inspiring and empathetic community united by hunger to develop in technology and human skills. We get every Codentian involved in relevant decisions and expect Codentians to be actively involved. We also appreciate teamwork skills and a desire to promote good group spirit.

To conclude, we offer a flexible and transparent working environment where you can develop yourself in modern technologies. In return we expect you to be eager to learn more, be perseverant toward our common goals, and take others into account.


Interested? Wondering about something?

Drop Perttu a message and your CV or a link to your LinkedIn Profile via the form below.

You can also ask for more detailed information or anything related to us via the form of by connecting on LinkedIn. 🙂