Welcome to free AI.Cast – Smart Operations Episode 3 – Lead with Data

Welcome to free AI.Cast – Smart Operations Episode 3 – Lead with Data Watch the Recording

Welcome to Codento AI.cast on the theme Smart Operations. This is our third Episode: Predict and lead with transparent data.

The potential of AI is great for any organization running extensive operations around manufacturing, networks, or services!

In this episode of AI.cast, Google’s Tero Vainio will share how to predict and lead operations with Google’s Manufacturing Connect & Data Engine.  Google shares top use cases of  Generative AI an data for companies operating in the manufacturing and telecoms sectors, for example:

  • Monitor events generated by machines to reduce unplanned downtime, optimize operations, and maximize utilization
  • Automate your customer or employee services to provide an easy, informative, conversational, and value-adding experience
  • Search documents and automatically generating new, personalized content from them is an interesting scenario for most, if not all organization
  • Telecom companies could plan and operate their networks more efficiently by analyzing and predicting performance, faults, inventory, and anomalies with AI
  • With AI, you can generate test or code scripts, and use real work experiences and data to optimize them
  • Optimize  use of suppliers by automatically selecting the most suitable ones based on relevant criteria and by automating contract negotiations with them, based on earlier data

Codento’s customer Fastems and their Riikka Käsnänen will share how they use AI, data, and analytics to serve their customers better and make better business.

Cast in this episode:

  • Riikka Käsnänen, Technical Product Manager – Fastems
  • Tero Vainio, Partner Development Lead – Google Cloud
  • Anthony Gyursanszky, CEO – Codento

So let’s dive into modern AI technologies for smarter operations!