Welcome to free AI.Cast – Nextgen Foundation Episode 2 – Amplify the Value of Data with AI

Welcome to free AI.Cast – Nextgen Foundation Episode 2 – Amplify the Value of Data with AI Watch the Recording

Welcome to Episode 2 of Codento AI.cast on the theme Nextgen Foundation! 

We will be talking about building a data platform that is ready for the scalable use of artificial intelligence.

Building a solid ground for data-driven business is more important now than ever. 

Consumer retail is an example of a vertical, where the use of data is vital. There, the ability to harness the power of modern technology like Generative AI can make or break your business. We at Codento have had the privilege of helping two of the leading Nordic retailers on their data platform journey.

  • BHG Finland is the market leader in the Do-it-Yourself eCommerce. Their eCommerce stores like taloon.com and netrauta attract more than two million unique visitors every month. Codento’s team has helped BHG in establishing a robust data platform on Google Cloud.
  • The leading Nordic eCommerce company, Verkkokauppa.com will talk about its data journey.  Jyrki Tulokas, Verkkokauppa’s Chief Technology and Strategy Officer will share why they chose Google in the first place. Jyrki also explains how Verkkokauppa.com takes advantage of Google’s data and AI capabilities to make their business more scalable and intelligent.
  • We will hear from Google’s Sumanta Saha, who talks about a topic familiar to Google and Codento in collaboration.  That is, Machine Learning Ops.  Sumanta also explains why this discipline is more important now than ever.

The cast in this episode:

  • Sumanta Saha, Smart data analytics lead, Google
  • Jyrki Tulokas – CTO and Strategy Officer, Verkkokauppa.com
  • Anthony Gyursanszky, CEO – Codento

So let’s dive into the secrets of building a next generation data foundation for your business!