Season 2022 – Single Cloud or Multi Cloud? Video recording

Which is better – single or multi-cloud tactics?

International keynote from Google’s Ted Schönbeck and expert panel on multi-cloud multi-cloud opportunities and a winning cloud strategy

We now have a unique opportunity to hear a fresh international perspective, as the event will arrive in Finland for Keynote and will be held by the esteemed Ted Schönbeck, Head of Cloud Technology, Google. An in-depth panel discussion with Ted on the topic will be conducted by Codento’s CTO Markku Tuomala, e.g. IT influencer and professor Tomi Dahlberg.

There are natural benefits to choosing a single or multi-cloud strategy – but what if you got the benefits of both worlds? In this seminar, we will create an in-depth look at the benefits and challenges from both perspectives and how to enable the benefits of both approaches for business applications with a winning cloud strategy.


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