Welcome to free AI.Cast – Nextgen Foundation Episode 1 – Future-proof Your Cloud Architecture and Operations

Welcome to free AI.Cast – Nextgen Foundation Episode 1 – Future-proof Your Cloud Architecture and Operations

Leader of IT and data!

It is no surprise – the hottest topic today for you IT and data leaders is how to scale the use of AI – and how to fulfill the endless AI-appetite of your business peers.

Is your IT foundation ready for AI and application innovations,  or is there still technology debt to pay?

Welcome to Codento AI.cast on Nextgen Foundation!  This is our first episode on this theme and we will be talking about how to future-proof your cloud architecture and operations.

  • Our customer Agileday, a digital native Nordic startup, decided to scale their SaaS Business on the Rock-Solid Google Cloud Foundation.  We will hear how they did it together with Codento.
  • In this session, Google and Codento professionals will share tips and tricks on preparing your IT strategy and architecture for the multi-cloud and AI-driven future. One cloud platform is usually the way to go for cloud natives like Agileday.  Many mature organizations, however, find themselves in a situation where they have two, three, or even more cloud platforms. These so-called multi-cloud environments have their benefits, but without proper management, can also become a burden.
  • Digital leaders are reported to achieve up to 30% of IT cost savings from moving to the cloud. That might not be big news to you, but is it always the reality? Our own Antti Pohjolainen has studied the cost-consciousness of cloud platform customers. He will talk about why it is not always crystal clear whether your cloud platform is a source of savings or something entirely different.

The cast in this episode:

  • Jaakko Hartikainen, Co-founder & Co-CEO, Agileday
  • Ville Rinne, Principal Architect, Google
  • Jari Timonen, Senior Cloud Architect,  Codento
  • Antti Pohjolainen, Vice President, Codento
  • Anthony Gyursanszky, CEO – Codento

So let’s dive into the secrets of building a next generation IT foundation!

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