#GOOGLE­CLOUD­JOURNEY: Nordic Edition – Mysteries Revealed: The Google Cloud Ecosystem and Certifications – Video Recording

#GOOGLECLOUDJOURNEY: Nordic Edition – Mysteries Revealed: The Google Cloud Ecosystem and Certifications

The #GOOGLECLOUDJOURNEY online event series, which has gained great popularity, will now continue with new perspectives.

Come and hear what options are available to develop your own cloud professional skills and expertise in the direction of Google Cloud, as well as gain new perspectives on choosing the most suitable cloud platform.

At the # GOOGLECLOUDJOURNEY online event, you will hear:

  • Why Google is a clear pioneer in cloud technologies in so many areas?
  • Why is Google Cloud becoming more popular with technical experts like software developers?
  • What career opportunities and competencies do the Google Cloud ecosystem offer?
  • How to obtain the right certifications?

The event is intended for cloud professionals or organizations who want to travel to a cloud professional and are considering cloud platform choices. The event is in English.

Registration information or your own name will not be visible to other participants during the event.

Toni opens up the event:

Keynotes and panelists:

Tero Vainio, Partner Development Manager – Google Cloud

25 years of experience in world-leading IT corporations in a global business environment. Broad knowledge of cloud infrastructure, applications, data & analytics solutions. Curious to learn new things, challenge ourselves, passionate to turn technological capabilities into business value. Committed to the success of Google Cloud ecosystem and channel for the benefit of customers.

Toni Kaikkonen, Director Services – Codento

Toni is an experienced software business professional and one of the pioneers of agile methods in Finland. He began his career at QPR Software in 1997 as a programmer and later worked as a project manager, product manager and product development director. In 2008, he started with Endero (Knowit) in software services and has since worked e.g. in the startup world and as an independent consultant through his own company before starting at Codento.

Jari Timonen, Lead Cloud Architect – Codento

Jari Timonen is an experienced software professional and certified Google Cloud architect and software developer with more than 20 years of experience in the IT industry. Jari’s passion is to build bridges between the business and technical teams, where he has worked in his previous position at Cargotec, for example. At Codento, he is at his element in piloting customers towards future-compatible cloud and hybrid cloud environments.

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