Google Cloud Morning Coffee

SwanIT: Sustainability is at the core of the business

SwanIT provides IT Infrastructure and network services e.g. DaaS (Device as a service), NaaS (Network as a service) and related onsite services. At SwanIT it starts and ends with sustainability. It means that the environment and the people come first, and the rest follows. SwanIT considers not only the quality of the service and information security but also sustainability of all solutions. SwanIT released MyEnvironment service portal in March for customers to get a comprehensive view of the services and equipment they have purchased, as well as the ability to monitor key IT sustainability metrics. Hear from SwanIT’s CEO, Tuula Virhiä and Markku Pulkkinen from Codento, a Google Cloud Partner, why sustainability matters for businesses, and why Google Cloud services were the natural choice to implement the solution.


Maria Wiss
Head of Digital Natives
Google Cloud

Marcus Demner
Cloud Architect
Google Cloud

Tuulia Vihriä

Markku Pulkkinen