Season 2022 – Ethics and Transparency in AI Decisions – Video recording

Join top experts to hear how to ensure ethics and transparency in AI decision-making

Watch video recording:

The hugely popular # BIZML online series of events is now being continued with new perspectives.

Join the experts in artificial intelligence, technology and business to hear:

  • What kind of decisions can be made with artificial intelligence through concrete examples?
  • How does artificial intelligence make decisions?
  • What are the business, legal, and ethical risks involved in making artificial intelligence?
  • Who is ultimately responsible for decisions in organizations?
  • How do current technologies like Google Cloud and Explainable AI help increase transparency and accountability?
  • How do we ultimately ensure that business benefits are achieved through artificial intelligence?

Panel in the event


Anna-Mari Rusanen

Doctor of Philosophy, Specialist in Artificial Intelligence and Digitalisation, Ministry of Finance

Anna-Mari works at the Treasury Department as a specialist in the fields of artificial intelligence and digitalisation. He also works as a lecturer at the University of Helsinki and teaches e.g. Artificial Intelligence and Ethics cherry complex.


Jari Renko

CTO, Apotti

Jari Renko is Apot’s Chief Technology Officer. In the past, he has worked e.g. As HUS’s Chief Information Officer. Jari has extensive experience in the application of information technology, data, and artificial intelligence in streamlining medical processes from an ethical, regulatory, and quality, patient satisfaction, and efficiency perspective.


Jari Rinta-aho

Senior Data Scientist & Consultant – Codento

Jari is a consultant and physicist interested in artificial intelligence, machine learning and mathematics, who has extensive experience in utilizing machine learning, e.g. nuclear and pharmaceutical technologies. He has also taught physics at the university and led international research projects. Jari is particularly familiar with exploiting the Google Cloud Platform in artificial intelligence applications.


Anthony Gyursanszky

CEO – Codento

Anthony Gyursanszky, CEO, joined Codento in late 2019 with more than 30 years of experience in the IT and software industry. Anthony has previously held management positions at F-Secure, SSH, Knowit / Endero, Microsoft Finland, Tellabs, Innofactor and Elisa. Gyursanszky has also served on the boards of software companies, including Arc Technology and Creanord. Anthony also works as a senior consultant for Value Mapping Services. Anthony’s experience covers business management, product management, product development, software business, SaaS business, process management and software development outsourcing.