Enhanced Their eCommerce User Experience Enhanced Their eCommerce User Experience


What was the challenge?’s goal is to be a Nordic leader in ecommerce retail. With +500M Euro revenue and 70% of sales already coming from online sales, Verkkokauppa is one of the largest ecommerce platforms in the Nordics. The Company’s shares are listed on the official list of Nasdaq Helsinki.’s agile and scalable business model effectively combines a webstore and four megastores. The competitive advantages and strengths also include fastest customer deliveries in the Nordics, efficient cost structure, well-known brand as well as the Company’s own eCommerce platform. The continuously evolving, omnichannel service concept ensures a superior customer experience. offers more than 75,000 products in 26 different product categories.

In order to to keep ahead with their competition and to support wider product assortment and new business models, decided to enhance the user experience with the target to stand out at a world-class level. This required replacing the previous CMS by a new one. All front-end components run on Google Cloud environment which was further utilized.

In addition to using existing in-house software development teams, a consultancy partner was needed  to accelerate the project with additional senior consultants.


Our solution

Codento provided experienced consultants for the project participating in key tasks for the category renewal tasks including  front-end design, integration of several product management systems by using technologies and frameworks like Google Cloud, Kubernetes Engine, Cloud Functions, internal microservices, Akeneo, Contentful, JSON-API, Golang and React.


Why Codento? selected Codento whose consultants showcased strong skills and experience in required technologies  and Google Cloud and were flexibly available to start the work with a short notice. Codento’s references and experiences also supported the decision.


What were the results?

The actual development project was implemented in time with the planned scope. The quality of consulting work was considered as very professional. has obtained the targets set for the project. New CMS enables easier, faster, more flexible, and cost-efficient content creation and online operations. The user experience was enhanced as planned, discovery of the products was improved, navigation was simplified and the early signs show that desired conversion improvements will be reached. Overall functionality was improved and it will be now easier to add functionality like automated advertising into UI. Furthermore, the maintenance work is now faster and has resulted to cost savings.


In customer’s own words 

“Thanks Codento for great collaboration in this project. Consultants were professional, easy-to-work with and we are happy to consider Codento also in the future. We warmly recommend Codento to other similar projects in the industry.”

by Jyrki Tulokas



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