Dun & Bradstreet: Software Development Partnership

Long-term application development partnership for Bisnode (as part of Dun & Bradstreet)

What was the challenge?

The market and credit information house Bisnode sells information retrieval services to companies and individuals. Bisnode’s search services cover, for example, people’s and companies’ credit information, vehicles and their registration information, and real estate. 

Bisnode develops its search services together with Codento using ​​continuous development; the small development team remains, the service to be developed at any given time changes.

Bisnode’s development team also includes the house’s own software developers, so that when its own organization grows the transfer of products to maintenance is easier.

Combining quality and speed is not self-evident; on the one hand, the aim is to quickly achieve the features desired by customers, and on the other hand, the aim is to maintain the long-term quality and further development of the product.

Our solution

Codento’s experts work as part of Bisnode’s Scrum team, complementing the team’s software development expertise with experienced full stack developers.

The web services are implemented with the SPA model, where the back-end features of the application are implemented using Node.JS, as well as the requirements of the React user interface. There are a total of eight pieces of software under development, and GDPR legislation has been taken into account in the implementation of the services.

Why Codento?

At the outset, Bisnode’s own digital product development resources were tight, and on the other hand, there was a need to bring new services to market quickly. The customer thought that the partially purchased development resources and agility, or Scrum in practice, could be a good combination for this.

What were the results?

“Scrum brings speed to product development, but forces purposeful work. The operating method guides us to constantly prioritize the features to be developed according to where the business gets the most value.”

Tomi Huusko

Product Manager of the development team


In customer’s own words (testimonial)

“To stay competitive, we have decided that our products need to be constantly developed and updated. In the past, we did larger development projects as a one-off, but this method seems more sensible. Whether Scrum works or not depends on self-discipline. Basically, though, it provides a good framework for disciplined work, especially compared to the cowboy coding traditionally practiced in product development. The secret, perhaps, is that the team is jointly responsible. In a way, the whole team encourages each other to focus on the essentials. When we selected the members of the development team, we emphasized technical expertise and strong methodological expertise. We’ve got it done at a fast pace and at the same time we’ve kept the quality high.”

Pär Österlund

Marketing Director