Fastems Created a Comprehensive and Future-proof Software Strategy

Fastems Created a Comprehensive and Future-proof Software Strategy


What was the challenge?

Fastems is a world-leading supplier of CNC automation solutions with over 40 years and 4500 installations of experience with over 100 machine tool and other device brands. 

In the heart of current solution a software-based Manufacturing Management Systems is the brain and nervous system of all Fastems physical automation solutions as well as a stand-alone software to help with manual production. MMS plans, runs and monitors production – all in one.

As the role of software, data and AI will become more and more crucial in all parts of Fastems’ operations in the future . Fastems selected  Codento to facilitate the software strategy process and provide adequate expertise.

Our solution

Codento delivered a comprehensive software strategy process by helping Fastems to create and crystallize a compelling future state accelerated by differentiated and value creating software, data, cloud and AI offering and capabilities to be obtained. The process was delivered by five consultants over a four-month period together with 40 Fastems experts.

Core deliveries included a current state assessment, business environment analysis and target state descriptions including high-level business plans and value canvases. In addition, the process helped to simplify the strategic options, increased sensitivity and accelerated learning and  improved internal collaboration.


Why Codento?

Codento has a long history of strategic software developmen advisory and Codento’s vision of the required journey was considered as credible. Codento’s  proposed approach with outside-in thinking and future-driven analyses was also considered as valuable. Codento’s understanding of working with Fastems in earlier assignments was regarded as a plus.


What were the results?

As a result, a comprehensive current state analysis of capabilities with target stages to align with stratgic choices and initial optional business plans with market analyses were created.

Fastems obtained clear strategic choices and vision for the future of software development, possibility to increase value of the software IPs, and ability to scale faster and enhance software-driven culture.


In customer’s own words (testimonial)

“We needed a partner to navigate us to plan a future-proof software strategy. Codento helped us to accomplish this and more. Their approach was human and engaging as our “personal trainer”. Fastems’ own learning and engagement was in the center: Codento shared software and data expertise while utilizing Fastems’ industrial understanding and resources as widely as possible. The process was systematic, disciplined while adaptive to new perspectives.”

by Kalle Peltonen, Fastems, Vice President, Products and Proposal


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