Dustin Automated Their Billing Process with Google Cloud and Obtained Advanced Insight on Customer Data

Dustin Automated Their Billing Process with Google Cloud and Obtained Advanced Insight on Customer Data


Dustin produces modern IT services and solutions, to the right place, at the right time and at the right price. Dustin wanted to automate and modernize their manual data processing tasks with monthly customer services billing data from disparate system sources, and reduce several days of manual labor to streamline and automate billing data consolidation and use the data for business analytics and customer insights.


What was the challenge?

Every month the custom billing consumed a minimum of two weeks of work to gather information from various sources and then checking for data quality and validity. Data was stored in spreadsheets without a possibility to get real business insights from the data.


Our solution

Together with the customer team, Codento data experts built a data platform that collects data from various sources, analyzes it and checks for errors, and passes it to the billing application. The data is ingested directly into a Google Cloud Storage bucket, from multiple sources, which trigger preprocessing tasks prior to inserting them to BigQuery. More business logic transformations are done in BigQuery, which then serves as a data platform for business analytics dashboards where the customer billing data can be accessed for customer insights to provide better customer service via Looker Studio visualizations.


Why Codento?

Codento was selected because our extensive services and level of competences covered all required areas: business planning, concept planning and technical development that were adapted to the customer’s needs. Codento’s consultants have years of real-world experience in challenging data engineering and data warehousing roles.


What were the results?

Codento was able to automate the reporting needs for multiple source systems, along with data cleaning and validation. The entire pipeline is automated, so when a file is uploaded by the source system, it flows to the reporting platform  automatically. The data validation approach was well suited to solve the challenge for reducing non-value added manual work with faster throughput and higher quality. The data platform can be used for rich insights across customers’ lifetime.


In customer’s own words 

“Codento’s solution reduced significantly the processing time and resource needs for our customer monthly billing, and provided us a valuable customer data dashboard for better customer insights and enhanced service experience”

by Jani Anttila

Managing Director

Dustin Finland Oy


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