Accelerating Software Delivery and Application Modernization for Okmetic

Accelerating Software Delivery and Application Modernization for Okmetic


What was the challenge?

Okmetic is the world’s seventh-largest silicon wafer manufacturer. They supply advanced, customized silicon wafers for the manufacturer of MEMS, sensors, RF filters and devices and power applications.

Okmetic’s in-house software development operation has been conducted mainly by a limited number of developers. The needs of various business lines have increased significantly, while pressure to modernize the core architecture of the software has also increased.

Okmetic required a reliable, flexible, easy-to-communicate-with, highly experienced software partner to scale their software operations to another level.


Our solution

We started with a business-oriented software development assessment comprehensively considering developers’ operating environment, tools and methods throughout the entire software production lifecycle, from ideas to production.

After the assessment phase, our services have included a broad set of consultant resourcing and continuous improvement tasks to enhance the way of working, operations and productivity in all different areas of software development. We work in customer development teams, measure our progress, and continuously improve our processes.


Why Codento?

Codento has a long history of agile software development, and our vision of the required journey was considered credible.  Our proposed approach to accelerate development and delivery to achieve the business objectives was considered feasible.


What were the results?

So far, we have established the core foundation for development teams while increasing the size and removing the most significant obstacles. Transformation always takes time, and together we are fully committed to reaching the targeted efficiencies in the near future.


In the customer’s own words

“Codento helped us to assess the potential for us to develop world-class software development operations to support our rapidly growing business. While continuously developing our processes and metrics, Codento has also scaled up our development teams by providing numerous experienced consultants.  Their ability to react quickly to our changing needs has been a precious asset as a partner.”  


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