What Does a CEO Do?

What Does the CEO of an AI-driven Software Consulting Firm Actually Do During a Workday?


Author: Anthony Gyursanszky, CEO, Codento

This is a question that comes up from time to time. When you have a competent team around you, the answer is simple: I consult myself, meet existing clients, or sell our consulting services to new clients. Looking back at the past year, my own statistics indicate that my personal consulting has been somewhat limited this time, and more time has been spent with new clients.


And How about My Calendar?

My calendar shows, among other things, 130 one-on-one discussions with clients, especially focusing on the utilization of artificial intelligence across various industries and with leaders and experts from diverse backgrounds. Out of these, 40 discussions led to scheduling in-depth AI workshops on our calendars. I’ve already conducted 25 of these workshops with our consultants, and almost every client has requested concrete proposals from us for implementing the most useful use cases. Several highly intriguing actual implementation projects have already been initiated.

The numbers from my colleagues seem quite similar, and collectively, through these workshops, we have identified nearly 300 high-value AI use cases with our clients. This indicates that there will likely be a lot of hustle in the upcoming year as well.


What Are My Observations?

In leveraging artificial intelligence, there’s a clear shift in the Nordics from hesitation and cautious contemplation to actual business-oriented plans and actions. Previously, AI solutions developed almost exclusively for product development have now been accompanied by customer-specific implementations sought by business functions, aiming for significant competitive advantages in specific business areas.


My Favorite Questions

What about the next year? My favorite questions:

  1. Have you analyzed the right areas to invest in for leveraging AI in terms of your competitiveness?
  2. If your AI strategy = ChatGPT, what kind of analysis is it based on?
  3. Assuming that the development of AI technologies will accelerate further and the options will increase, is now the right time to make a strict technology/supplier choice?
  4. If your business data isn’t yet ready for leveraging AI, how long should you still allow your competitors to have an edge?

What would be your own answers?


About the author:

Anthony Gyursanszky, CEO, joined Codento in late 2019 with more than 30 years of experience in the IT and software industry. Anthony has previously held management positions at F-Secure, SSH, Knowit / Endero, Microsoft Finland, Tellabs, Innofactor and Elisa. Hehas also served on the boards of software companies, including Arc Technology and Creanord. Anthony also works as a senior consultant for Value Mapping Services. His experience covers business management, product management, product development, software business, SaaS business, process management, and software development outsourcing. Anthony is also a certified Cloud Digital Leader.


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