Google Cloud Next’24 Top 10 Highlights of the First Day

Google Cloud Next’24 Top 10 Highlights of the First Day


Authors: Codento Consulting Team


Google Cloud Momentum Continues

The Google Cloud Next event is taking place this week in Las Vegas showcases a strong momentum with AI and Google Cloud innovations with more than 30 000 participants.

Codento is actively participating to the event in Las Vegas with Ulf Sandlund and Markku Pulkkinen and remotely via the entire Codento team. Earlier on Tuesday Codento was awarded as the Google Cloud Service Partner of the Year in Finland.

As the battle is becoming more fierce among the hyperscalers we can fairly observe that Google Cloud has taken a great position going forward:

  • Rapid growth of Google Cloud with a $36 Billion run rate outpacing its hyperscaler peers on a percentage basis
  • Continuous deep investments in AI and Gen AI progress with over a million models trained 
  • 90% of unicorns use Google Cloud showcasing a strong position with startups
  • A lot of reference stories were shared. A broad range of various industries are now using Google Cloud and its AI stack
  • And strong ecosystem momentum globally in all geographies and locally


Top 10 Announcements for Google Cloud Customers

Codento consultants followed every second of the first day and picked our favorite top 10 announcements based on the value to Google Cloud customers:

1. Gemini 1.5 Pro available in public preview on Vertex AI. It can now process from 128,000 tokens up to 1 million tokens. Google truly emphasizes its multi-modal capabilities. The battle against other hyperscalers in AI is becoming more fierce.

2. Gemini is being embedded across a broad range of Google Cloud services addressing a variety of use cases and becoming a true differentiator, for example:

  • New BigQuery integrations with Gemini models in Vertex AI support multimodal analytics, vector embeddings, and fine-tuning of LLMs from within BigQuery, applied to your enterprise data.
  • Gemini in Looker enables business users to chat with their enterprise data and generate visualizations and reports

3. Gemini Code Assist is a direct competitor to GitHub’s Copilot Enterprise. Code Assist can also be fine-tuned based on a company’s internal code base which is essential to match Copilot.

4. Imagen 2. Google came out with the enhanced image-generating tool embedded in Vertex AI developer platform with more of a focus on enterprise. Imagen 2 is now generally available.

5. Vertex AI Agent Builder to help companies build AI agents. This makes it possible for customers to very easily and quickly build conversational agents and instruct and guide them the same way that you do humans. To improve the quality and correctness of answers from models,  a process called grounding is used based on Google Search.

6. Gemini in Databases is a collection of AI-powered, developer-focused tools to create, monitor and migrate app databases.

7. Generative AI-powered security: number of new products and features aimed at large companies. These include Threat Intelligence, Chronicle to assist with cybersecurity investigations) and  Security Command Center.

8. Hardware announcements: Nvidia’s next-generation Blackwell platform coming to Google Cloud in early 2025 and Google Cloud joins AWS and Azure in announcing its first custom-built Arm processor, dubbed Axion

9. Run AI anywhere, generative AI search packaged solution powered by Gemma designed to help customers easily retrieve and analyze data at the edge or on-premises with GDC, this solution will be available in preview in Q2 2024.

10. Data sovereignty. Google is renewing its focus on data sovereignty with emphasis on partnerships, less to building its own sovereign clouds.

There were also a lot of new announcements in the domains of employee productivity and Chrome, but we shall leave those areas for later discussion.


So far the list of announcements has been truly remarkable. As we anticipate the coming days of the Next event we are eager to get deeper into the details and understand what all this means in practice.

What is already known convinces us that Google Cloud and its AI approach continues to be completely enterprise-ready providing capabilities to support deployments from pilot to production. 

To make all this real capable partners, like Codento, are needed to assist the entire journey: AI and data strategy, prioritized use cases, building the data foundation, implementing AI projects with strong grounding and integration, consider security and governance, and eventually build MLOps practices to scale the adoption.

For us partners, much anticipated news came in the form of a new specialization: Generative AI specialization will be available in June 2024. Codento is ready for this challenge with the practice and experience already in place.

To follow the Google Cloud Next 2024 event and announcements the best place is Google Cloud blog.


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