Watch Now: AI.cast – Software Intelligence Edition

Watch Now: AI.cast – Software Intelligence Edition

Are you the leader of software development or products in your company? If so, we have interesting content coming your way!

Did you know that:

  • It is possible to achieve 50% faster code development and documentation with the help of AI?
  • Or did you know that a whopping 70% of Generative AI startups rely on Google‘s AI capabilities?
  • Or that by 2025, nine out of ten new enterprise application releases will include embedded AI functionality?

Organizations are adopting AI either by buying software with AI capabilities embedded, or by custom-developing such capabilities. In their development work, even the brightest of software teams often seek support from companies like Codento. We help with building scalable and future-proof software and with utilizing and embedding AI –  especially when you need specialized expertise of Google Cloud technologies.

That is why we are happy to announce that our next episodes of Codento AI.cast are soon here, and the theme will be Software Intelligence! In the episodes we share some exciting insights together with our customers like Fastems, Systam and Agileday.

In our next three episodes of AI.cast, we will be talking about three topical themes:

  • How to build an AI-driven Software Strategy
  • How to supercharge Your Software Development with AI
  • How to Complement Your own Development Capacity with AI capabilities and skills

So tune into our AI.cast channel on a series of short, non-jargon vodcasts for business and technical decision-makers. 

We will tell you how to accelerate the intelligence of your software and software development with modern AI capabilities – and how your peers are already doing it!


Available Episodes


Software Intelligence Episode 1: Watch Now

In the first episode we are unveiling the secrets to crafting a Software Strategy that elevates your business decisions.

Picture this: a crystal-clear product vision, a modern architectural approach, and the infusion of cutting-edge AI capabilities.

The cast in this episode: Toni Kaikkonen, Service Director – Codento, Topi Juden, CTO – Fastems, Anssi Tamminen, CEO –  Systam, Anthony Gyursanszky, CEO – Codento


Software Intelligence Episode 2: Watch Now

In the second episode we are covering the topic: how to supercharge your software development with AI.

We talk about the benefits you can gain from using Google’s AI-powered development tools and what advantages you can gain from seeking help from Codento’s experienced crew.

The cast in this episode: Anssi Tamminen, CEO –  Systam, Topi Juden, CTO – Fastems, Jaakko Hartikainen, Co-founder & Co-CEO, Agileday, Andrew Moschetti, Cloud Engineer – Google, Anthony Gyursanszky, CEO – Codento


Software Intelligence  Episode 3: Watch Now

In the third episode, you will hear how to effectively complement your own development capacity with  Codento’s AI professionals, particularly when operating on Google Cloud.

Imagine seamlessly integrating AI and app experts into your teams for MVPs, lightning-fast scaling, or sustaining your continuous operations.

The cast in this episode: Toni Kaikkonen, Service Director – Codento, Andrew Moschetti, Cloud Engineer – Google, Riikka Käsnänen, Technical Product Manager – Fastems, Anthony Gyursanszky, CEO – Codento


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