Welcome to AI.cast – Nextgen Foundation Edition

Welcome to AI.cast – Nextgen Foundation Edition

It is no surprise – the hottest topic today for you IT and data leaders is how to scale the use of AI and how to fulfill the endless AI-appetite of your business peers. Is your IT foundation ready for AI and application innovations, or is there still technology debt to pay?

In the coming three episodes, we will be talking about three topical themes:

Cloud Foundation. Moving workloads to the cloud is a given these days. But it is not always straightforward, as most organizations end up in the so-called,  multi-cloud environment with several cloud platforms in use. A relatively fresh topic is also the cost of cloud – is cloud actually cheaper than the old way of having your datacenter in your own basement?

Data Foundation. Smartly utilizing organizational data and making it accessible for AI and Machine Learning is another challenge you are most likely facing.  You want your data to be available real-time and your data management to be sustainable and scalable. On the other hand, AI brings whole new aspects to managing the access rights to your data.

App Foundation. Along with the development of cloud and data platforms, legacy applications might be slowing your AI development down. Each organization with business legacy has also at least some amount of technical legacy. Replacing the outdated applications might, however, be a resource- and money-consuming journey, for which the time is never right. Google and Codento will talk about how to tackle this challenge without massive costs or disturbing your daily business.

So tune into our AI.cast channel on a series of short, non-jargon vodcasts for business and technical decision-makers. 

We’ll tell you how to complete your Foundation for the next generation AI and application innovations and how your peers across Europe are already doing it!


Available Episodes

Nextgen Foundation Episode 1: Available

In the first episode, you will hear how to future-proof your cloud architecture and operations​. 

The cast in this episode: Jaakko Hartikainen, Co-founder & Co-CEO – Agileday, Ville Rinne, Principal Architect – Google, Jari Timonen, Senior Cloud Architect – Codento, Antti Pohjalainen, Vice President – Codento, Anthony Gyursanszky, CEO – Codento

Nextgen Foundation Episode 2: Available

In the second episode we will be talking about building a data platform that is ready for the scalable use of artificial intelligence. Building a solid ground for data-driven business is more important now than ever.

The cast in this episode: Sumanta Saha, Smart data analytics lead – Google, Jyrki Tulokas – CTO and Strategy Office, Verkkokauppa.com, Anthony Gyursanszky, CEO – Codento


Upcoming Episodes

Nextgen Foundation Episode 3: Available Feb 23 2024

In the third episode, we will be talking about how to refresh your application portfolio, in order to make AI scaling possible.

The cast in this episode: Ville Rinne, Principal Architect – Google, Jari Timonen, Lead Cloud Architect – Codento, Anthony Gyursanszky, CEO – Codento


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