CIO Nordic – Shaping the New Tomorrow

Wanha Satama, Helsinki

As we again embark into the next era of digital business, the role of CIOs and IT leaders in shaping our organizational strategy and vision has never been more pivotal.


  • Innovation and AI -powered strategies
  • CIO 2.0 – Navigating omni-experience transformation
  • Next-generation analytics and visionary leadership

In this era of rapid transformation, we stand on the hills of endless possibilities, where innovation knows no bounds. From harnessing the immense potential of generative AI, to crafting secure pathways for sustainable growth, and fostering a culture of innovation that resonates with our dedicated employees and delights our loyal customers – the horizons of opportunity are truly boundless.

The CIO needs to encourage continuous exploration while striving for first-class performance from a generationally and geographically diverse staff. 

Welcome to understand and share best practices on how to accelerate digital business, adaptability and resilience in a future hybrid world interlacing metaverse, AI and hyperconnectivity.

Change the dynamic of your industry and explore game-changing business capabilities.

See you @ Nordic CIO!