Better together – How Vodafone Accelerated AI, Data Analytics and Software Innovations with Google Cloud – Video Recording

Join us with leading international AI and data experts to hear how Vodafone accelerated their AI, data analytics and software innovations with Google Cloud – Video Recording

Our widely popular #BIZML-online event series continuous with exciting new topic and international panelists.

In this session you will learn from Google international experts on how to:

  • Learn how the global telecom giant Vodafone has built their own ML platform at global-scale and how they have managed to reduce time to market
  • Make your applications more intelligent and enhance your user experience by infusing AI APIs and embedding Interactive Dashboards
  • Discover how to stitch DataOps and MLOps into your DevOps practice
  • How to combine AI, data and power of apps to create immediate business value


Presentors and panelists:


Alessio Bagnaresi

Head of AI/ML Business, Google

Alessio has 20+ years of experience in the Data and AI domains. Starting from 2016 he has been leading AI/ML GTM and business for Microsoft and over the last 1.5 years in Google. Alessio has published several articles on the ethical aspects of AI adoption.


Giuseppe Calabrese

Business Development Lead, Data Analytics, Google

Giuseppe Giuseppe has been working in Data Analytics for the past 16 years in different positions, and is lecturer at the Bern University of Applied Sciences, Economy, on the topic of Data-Powered Innovation.

Today Giuseppe is working as Business Development lead for Google Data Analytics portfolio, covering EMEA North.


Janne Flinck

AI and Data Lead, Codento

Janne joined Codento from Accenture 2022 with extensive experience in Google Cloud Platform, Data Science, and Data Engineering. His interests are in creating and architecting data-intensive applications and tooling. The main technologies used include BigQuery, GKE, Cloud Run, Airflow, Docker, R, Python, and Ansible. Some minor scripting with Bash for automation purposes. Janne have two professional certifications and one associate certification in Google Cloud and a Master’s Degree in Economics.


Markku Pulkkinen

Senior Vice President, Google Cloud business, Codento

Markku joined Codento in 2021. His responsibilities cover multifaceted business development with a special focus on Google Cloud partnership with a close relationship with Google. Prior to Codento, Markku worked for 15 years at Microsoft both in Finland and Western Europe Area HQ and at Oracle for 15 years in Finland and in the US. At Microsoft, he managed the largest business segment and partner ecosystem in Finland, and in Western Europe he was leading a market transformation and a business model change to public cloud for the key Nordic data center service providers.

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