Data Engineer

Google Cloud is the fastest-growing cloud platform, with the importance and value of its expertise growing rapidly in the market. Codento, on the other hand, is one of Finland’s leading Google Cloud organizations, and as our community grows, we are looking for a data engineer for challenging consultant projects.

If pioneering in cloud technologies is close to your heart and you want to be able to challenge yourself in an empathetic and friendly group, we’re the right fit for you!


Your tasks during our growth journey:

As a data engineer at Codento, you work in responsible expert positions by planning and utilizing the opportunities brought by cloud technologies to help our customers.

This means, among other things:

  • At the heart of the tasks is to get data in and out of platforms:
    • Data warehouses (eg BigQuery, Snowflake, Synapse, Redshift)
    • Orchestration of data pipelines (e.g. Airflow, Glue, Oozie, Data Factory, Dataform, dbt)
    • Modeling databases and data warehouses
  • Events and streams (e.g. Pubsub, Kafka, Flink, Dataflow) will probably also be encountered and these can be learned while working
  • In the future, you may encounter integration of machine learning models as part of data pipelines together with data scientists and MLOps together with the DevOps team as well, so knowledge in these areas is a plus
  • Customer communication and interaction, self-development, assisting sales in technical matters

You work with cloud technology tools that deepen and expand your already possessed know-how.


When you join us, we expect you to have:

  • Strong skills in Python (+ Spark, Beam, Airflow, TensorFlow Extended, etc.)
  • Knowledge of SQL databases
    • NoSQL is a plus
  • Practical experience with modern data pipeline solutions
    • Data warehousing solutions is a plus
  • Knowledge in Cloud Technology
    • Primarily Google Cloud but AWS and Azure are good starting points also
  • Knowledge of Data Science/Machine Learning/MLOps is a plus
  • Ability to talk with the customer to find the best possible solution
  • Your strong speaking and writing skills in both Finnish and English

So your skills don’t necessarily have to be focused on Google Cloud since we also train AWS and Azure experts to become Google Cloud professionals.


Why Codento?

With Codento, you can utilize your accumulated expertise and expand and deepen it in Google Cloud. We support your development by providing materials and time, sharing know-how, support from experienced colleagues and, of course, interesting assignments. This is how we develop both as individuals and as an organization.

As a Codentian, you are part of an inspiring and empathetic community, which is united by the desire to develop in technology and people skills. We involve the people of Codento in essential decision-making situations and expect their participation. Thus, cooperation skills and the desire to promote good teamwork are also important qualities for a person from Codentians.

So, we offer a flexible and open work environment where you can develop in modern technologies. We expect from you the desire to learn new things, the ability to deal with changes, the determination to achieve our common goal, and the ability to take others into consideration.


Interested? Wondering about something?

Send us an application via the form below!

You can also ask anything about us or the work tasks via the same form. 🙂