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New cloud applications and application modernization with managed API


A lot is happening around digital solutions

Many organizations find themselves in a situation where the customer experience is produced with digital services based on a linear customer journey. Thinking is often limited to the limitations and architectures of existing applications. Modern cloud capabilities, as well as the rapidly evolving intelligent capabilities of cloud platforms, enable a whole new way to generate customer value digitally, in real time, predictably and easily implemented and maintained.

According to research, more than 50% of developers are already planning to use the so-called low-code tools and managed API features. The popularity of the Google Cloud Platform we represent is surpassing the popularity of other cloud platforms among developers.

The most common needs and questions when implementing digital solutions

When implementing digital solutions, especially in a public cloud environment, the key issues are to achieve benefits quickly, with the right phasing and proper risk management.

Organizations that have advanced further in their cloud transformation, often consider the following questions:

  • In what order should the applications be modernized?
  • How to manage supplier risk in a single-cloud environment?
  • How to optimize the cloud resources for applications?
  • How should the changes in the new cloud features be taken into account in the application lifecycle?
  • How do I manage an extensive application portfolio in the cloud and clarify the application management model?
  • How do I ensure application reliability and scalability?
  • How do I reduce the time required to introduce new developers?
  • How do I enable the smart features of the cloud?
  • How do I ensure application development continuity?
  • How do I ensure application architecture security in the constantly changing environment?
  • How do I manage the transition from development to maintenance? (maintenance tools, documentation, metrics)

We implement digital solutions sensibly and in a controlled manner

We help you innovate faster and reduce costs by providing a unified development and user experience with industry-leading application modernization solutions. We develop, deploy to different cloud environments and optimize applications anywhere, simply, flexibly and securely.

We develop applications for changing business needs quickly and securely in a managed cloud environment, whose computing platform eliminates the need to maintain traditional infrastructure by automatic scaling of resources according to the usage.

We move traditional applications from virtual machines to native containers. Automated virtual machine migration picks up key virtual machine features directly into containers, making it easier to create Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) and Anthos clusters, for example.

We accelerate API-based application design and development. If necessary, we will take care of the deployment and support by leveraging Google Cloud’s API management platform Apigee to provide visibility into all APIs in the required cloud environments.

We safely and quickly upgrade monolithic applications into containers at GKE using automated code refactoring tools with advanced application search and analysis capabilities as well as expert recommendations.

Objectives and ideal situation

We strongly believe that the implementation and development of digital solutions that support the business of the future is:

  • Easily managed
  • Compatible
  • Flexible
  • Scalable
  • Intelligent

Where could Codento Digital Solutions services be helpful?

Codento’s services in the areas of application development, application modernization and managed API are:

  • Fast start in 6 days: quick training, selecting area to pilot, pilot and learn: Codento’s 1+5 solution
  • Better understanding of the current situation and developing one’s own activities: Codento’s assessment and development project
  • Rapid validation of a new idea or approach: Codento’s Proof of Concept
  • A clear picture of the way forward: Codento’s solution mapping and delivery
  • Complementing existing expertise: Codento consulting

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