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Rapid cloud modernization and cloud benefits


Cloud market trends

Public cloud solutions are rapidly becoming more common in organizations of all sizes thanks to technological innovations. Switching to cloud services requires careful planning and strategy. As users’ experience and expertise grows, the second generation of cloud architecture has emerged, consisting of cloud-native applications, the usage of intelligent cloud functionalities, multi-cloud management, and managed interfaces.

The most common considerations related to cloud transformation and usage

In the early stages of cloud transformation, key issues are:

  • How to get value from the cost, elasticity and flexibility benefits quickly?
  • How to secure cloud ROI?
  • How to manage cloud transition?
  • How to assess and modernize applications for the public cloud?
  • Risk management
  • How to develop and acquire competences?

Companies who already have utilized the public cloud often consider the following areas:

  • How do I proactively manage and optimize cloud usage?
  • How do I deploy and take full advantage of the intelligent cloud functionality?
  • How do I manage my cloud project portfolio?
  • What is the right way to organize cloud management and operation?
  • How do I optimize cloud costs?
  • How do I combine application development and reliability?
  • How do I leverage multiple cloud platforms (multi-cloud) and in what roles?

Objectives and the ideal situation

We strongly believe that the cloud environment that supports the business of the future is:

  • Easily managed
  • Compatible
  • Flexible
  • Intelligent
  • Efficient

How can Codento’s services help you?

  • Fast start in 6 days: quick training, selecting area to pilot, pilot and learn: Codento’s 1+5 solution
  • Better understanding of the current situation and developing one’s own activities: Codento’s assessment and development project
  • Rapid validation of a new idea or approach: Codento’s Proof of Concept
  • A clear picture of way forward: Codento’s solution mapping and delivery
  • Complementing existing expertise: Codento consulting

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